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Journalism 2300
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Journalism 2300 :. Week Two February 4, 2013. Announcements. Today is the end of the 2nd week of the semester. The following take effect today: 1. Last day to add courses. 2. Last day to use permission numbers. 3. Last day to withdraw from a course with a W appearing on the transcript.

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Journalism 2300 :

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Journalism 2300

Journalism 2300:

Week Two

February 4, 2013



  • Today is the end of the 2nd week of the semester. The following take effect today:

    1. Last day to add courses.

    2. Last day to use permission numbers.

    3. Last day to withdraw from a course with a W appearing on the transcript.

    4. Last day to change a grading option.

    5. Last day to apply for a degree.

Just call me lucy

Just call me Lucy!

  • An instructor, not professor

  • OK to just use Lucy!

Let s turn in textbook quizzes

Let’s turn in textbook quizzes

  • What surprised you?

To be a better photographer

To be a better photographer…

You need to take a lot of photos

…you need to take a lot of photos!

Chapter 1 assignment

Chapter 1: Assignment

  • Where to find spot news?

    • Scanner

    • Local news radio

    • Local television news

    • Cell phones

    • Websites

    • Contacts: officials, firefighters, police officers, friends, acquaintances

    • News tips

M essage alerts

Message alerts

  • Duluth News-Tribune

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune

Pulitzer prize for breaking news

Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News

Where to find more information

Where to find more information

  • Beat reporters

  • Public Relations offices

Best time to shoot

Best time to shoot

  • Not always when reporter conducting interview

  • What did you learn with your photos of the DTA bus stop?

Visual variety

Visual variety

  • Overall shot

    • Sets scene

  • Medium shot

    • Tells the story in one photograph

  • Close-up:

    • Adds drama

High low angles

High/low angles

  • New perspective

    • Going wide

    • Above, below



  • Pros stay until they have the best shot

  • Plot out best time of day for photo

  • Might take 100 to 1,000 shots to get the best photograph

Catching candids

Catching candids

  • Preset your camera

    • Aperture priority/shutter priority

  • Watch your subject

  • Anticipation and timing

Approaches to candid photography

Approaches to candid photography

  • Out in the open

  • Click and run

  • Big game hunter

  • Introduce yourself

  • Marketing spot news story:

    • San Francisco earthquake

The week in pictures

The week in pictures

  • MSNBC:


Chapter 2 news

Chapter 2: News

  • Contacts:

    • Police

  • Train derailment

  • Sunshine

  • Hostage situation: page 29

  • Crime scene in progress

    • Staying alive!

Why shoot fires

Why shoot fires?

  • Church fire

  • Forest fire

    • Billings Gazette Pulitzer

  • Sawmill fire

    • Drove film to the newspaper

Accidents disasters


  • Grim but necessary

    • Williston stalker

    • Airplane crash

  • Accidents

    • Don’t get in the way!

  • Weather affects everyone

Chapter 3 general news

Chapter 3: General news

  • Covering elections

    • Get to know candidates

  • Meetings generate news

    • Avoid lines of speakers!

    • Shoot from side

    • Look for props!

  • Photograph the issues

  • Steer clear of the pack!

Let s go find news photos online

Let’s go find news photos online

  • Work in groups of 4

  • Newseum: Today’s Front Pages


Photojournalist defined

Photojournalist defined

  • What is a photojournalist?


    • What to remember? Photojournalists capture verbs!

What s a caption see pages 147 153

What’s a caption?See pages 147-153

  • Who:

    • Need names or detailed description

    • Need last names

  • What:

    • What’s happening in photo

  • When:

    • Time element important

      • Day of week, time of day

  • Where:

    • Location

  • Why:

    • Importance of shot

  • How:

    • Explanations as needed

Let s practice writing captions

Let’s practice writing captions

  • Go to Duluth News Tribune Website

Understanding exposure

Understanding exposure

  • ISO: Film speed

    • Higher the number, faster shutter speed

      • Sacrifice quality for reproduction

  • Aperture: Lens opening

    • Amount of light that the camera allows in

  • Shutter

    • How fast the lens captures action

  • Page 156 in textbook



Understanding depth of field

Understanding Depth of Field

  • Depth of Field:


Using a histogram


Assignment tips

Assignment tips…

  • Need to bracket!

    • Backlighting

      • Underexposes foreground

  • Become friends with the Associated Press Stylebook

  • Remember that you are telling a story with the photograph

  • Captions fill in the blanks

How to use ap stylebook

How to use AP Stylebook

  • Stylebook Key

    • Addresses:

      • Is this correct? 25 East Silver St.

    • Spellings:

      • Adviser/advisor; Legislative titles

  • Sports Guidelines and Style

  • Business Guidelines and Style

  • A Guide to Punctuation

  • Editing Marks

Don t memorize familiarize

Don’t memorize, familiarize!

Photography lingo

Photography lingo

  • Shoot: take photos

  • Sharp photo: in focus

  • Soft: out of focus; not sharp

  • Flat light: Even, with no highlights

  • Bracket: Take several shots of same scene at different exposures

  • Shoot a lot of frames!

    • Take a lot of photos – memory cards are cheap!

Major assignment i feature photograph

Major Assignment I:Feature Photograph

  • Let’s review the assignment

  • We will go over features next week, but can start to think now about where to find a feature photograph

    Also handout Winter Outdoor Event, Sports, Portrait/Personality

Let s practice editing with picasa

Let’s practice editing with Picasa

  • Go to this website:


Picasa 3 editing selecting photos

Picasa 3: Editing, selecting photos

  • Set up Google Account:

  • Go to:

  • Download Picasa 3

  • Upload photographs

  • Under File menu, select New Album

  • Type in Date/name of assignment

  • Select photos, drag to the album you created

  • Edit photos, put the final photo selection first in album

  • Select the final photo, and write cutline where it says: Write a caption!

Sharing album with me

Sharing album with me

  • Select the album you want to share

  • Click on the Share button on upper right side of the album screen

  • Sign in to your Google account

  • In the Share Photos screen, in the To: box type

Carry your camera with you

Carry your camera with you!

Assignment for 2 11

Assignment for 2/11:

  • General news assignment

  • Get more comfortable with your camera

  • Popularity of UMD food service areas

  • Shoot from a variety of angles: above, down low

    Using Picasa, send a link with your best photos to:

Let s practice depth of field shutter speed

Let’s practice …depth of field/shutter speed

  • Jumping Bulldog/props!

    • Shutter speed

    • Depth of Field

    • Long exposure

  • Get in groups of similar type cameras

  • Login