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Around the World in 106 Days with Ray & Claire!!

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Around the World in 106 Days with Ray & Claire!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Around the World in 106 Days with Ray & Claire!! Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People\'s Republic of China 中華人民共和國香港特別行政區 Part 17 – Hong Kong.

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Around the World in 106 Days with

Ray & Claire!!

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People\'s Republic of China


Part 17 – Hong Kong


The first trader to arrive to the area was a Portuguese called Jorge Alvarez who landed in Macau in 1513. In 1685, Kangxi became the first Emperor to open limited trading with foreigners from the Canton Territory. He imposed strict terms for trades which required foreign traders to live in restricted areas, stay only for the trading seasons, banning firearms and trading with silver only.


By 1711, the British East India Company had established offices in Canton and huge quantities’ of Chinese tea was shipped to Europe in exchange for...Opium!.....


...and by 1773, the annual export of opium to China was up to 1000 chests, or 55 tonnes which rose to over 2000 chests by 1799 and sources say that at one point more than a third of the population in the Hong Kong area were addicted to the use of it!

The Quing Dynasty authorities wanted the opium trade to stop, as its population became addicts and in 1839, they refused import of opium, starting the first opium war.


The British fleet with steam powered boats and superior weapons completely annihilated the Chinese (as they did have to rely on wind to fill their sails) and during this war, the British casualties were only 69 whereas Chinese casualties were somewhere between 18 and 20 thousand.


The war lasted from 1839 to 1842 and ended with the Nanking Treaty and the British established a Crown Colony and founded Victoria City. In1898 Britain obtained a 99-year lease of Lantau Island and the adjacent northern lands, which became known as the New Territories


On 1 July 1997, the transfer of sovereignty from United Kingdom to the People\'s Republic of China (PRC) occurred, thus officially ending 156 years of British colonial rule.

Hong Kong then became China\'s first Special Administrative Region (SAR)


Raymond’s old

Office Block in 1989


No, they didn\'t forget to complete the building...the space is to let the Dragon through

Repulse Bay


We used to live in a flat overlooking Repulse Bay, but those flats have now been torn down and replaced by a more, modern, futuristic-type building


The Stanley Market contains an array of shops offering silk and other clothes, sportswear and whatever else you can think of.


Some really happy shoppers as you can see!

One dress and only a few oddments isn\'t very much Keith


Please Claire,

no more shopping!?

Seems like an awful lot of shopping to us Blokes though!





With our friend Linda

...and Raymond’s dream Harley


No, that\'s not a cloud Claire, it is soot from the Ship’s chimney and it is getting on the lounger you are about to get on...too late!!


The funicular tramway up to Victoria Peak was opened in 1888 and is a great way to see the city from above


The “Symphony of Lights” holds the Guinness record as the worlds largest permanent light and sound show


The Lam TsuenWishing Tree stands outside the Tin Hau Temple

If you have a wish, just write it on a slip of paper and throw it up into the tree. If the slip sticks, your wish will be granted.


..and now it is time to sail off to our next Port of Call ....BUT.....the weather forecast isn\'t so good......


I’ll have you know that it is going to be a Force 10 Gale all the way to Manila – so just “Buckle up and enjoy this part of the ride you Wimp!!”