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Marketing communications
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Marketing Communications. An Introduction. Marketing Communications Defined. The coordination and integration of all promotion tools and sources within an organization to maximize the impact on consumers and other end-users at minimal costs. Components of Promotion. F I G U R E 1 . 3.

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Marketing Communications

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Marketing communications

Marketing Communications

An Introduction

Marketing communications defined

Marketing Communications Defined

  • The coordination and integration of all promotion tools and sources within an organization to maximize the impact on consumers and other end-users at minimal costs.

Components of promotion

Components of Promotion

F I G U R E 1 . 3






Sales Promotions

Personal Selling











Example of direct marketing database marketing

Example of Direct Marketing/Database Marketing

Thank you for choosing MINI Laval as your service professionals in the past.

We truly appreciate having you as part of the family.

Our records indicate that your vehicle has not been into our service department in the past 9 months. If we can be of any assistance, please contact our appointment center at (450) 686-7272 or by email at

We will continue to do our best to meet your expectations.

The MINI Laval Service Team


Marketing communications

F I G U R E 1 . 6

Factors Affecting the Value of IMC Programs

  • Development of information technology

  • Changes in channel power

  • Increase in competition (global competitors)

  • Maturing markets

  • Brand parity

  • Integration of information by consumers

  • Decline in effectiveness of mass media advertising

Marketing communications

E X H I B I T 1 . 1

Shoe Advertisements

  • Which advertisement attracts your attention the most?

  • Which advertisement is the least appealing?

  • How important is the brand name in each ad?

  • What is the message of each individual advertisement?

  • What makes each advertisement effective?

  • What are the pros and cons of each advertisement?

Skechers (

Reebok (

New Balance (

Asics (

Marketing communications

What’s Happening!

Communications theory

Communications Theory

  • In order to understand marketing communications, one must not only understand marketing, but also understand some elements of communication theory.

  • Communication defined - the process by which individuals share meaning.



  • Information is what is exchanged in the communication process

  • Information is described as a one-way process, whereas the communication process is regarded as two-way, a dialogue

  • Why do we try and obtain information before making a purchase?

  • A receiver-orientated view defines information as the “reduction of uncertainty” (Wersig 1974:73)

The power of information

The Power of Information

  • Certain communication initiatives are “better” at eliciting information – i.e, personal selling, and forms of direct marketing and direct response marketing

  • Information is obtained through mutuality, sharing with other consumers – i.e., impact of word of mouth communications, and consumers knowledge and interactions.

  • Information is key to influencing and determining consumer choice decisions.

Communication process a linear model

Communication Process:a linear model











Marketing communications

F I G U R E 1 . 2

Communication Noise in Television Advertising

Advertising clutter

Advertising Clutter

Discussion Slide

  • How many ads were you exposed to during the last 24 hours from the following media?

    • Television

    • Radio

    • Magazines

    • Newspapers

    • Billboards

    • Internet Web sites

  • How many ads can you recall from each of the above media?

Marketing communications

F I G U R E 1 . 9

Viewer Activities During TV Commercials

  • Positive Responses

    • Ads have potential to be entertaining (45%)

    • Sit and watch ads (16%)

  • Negative Responses

    • Get up and do something else (54%)

    • Get annoyed (52%)

    • Switch channels (40%)

    • Talk to others in the room (34%)

    • Turn down the sound on the TV (19%)

    • Read (11%)

    • Use the computer (5%)

Source: Jennifer Lach, “Commercial Overload,” American Demographics,

(September 1999), Vol.. 21, No. 9, p. 20.

Kelman s model of message source characteristics

Kelman’s model of Message Source characteristics

Source Credibility

Source Attractiveness

Source Power

Source credibility

Source credibility

  • Refers to the extent that receivers perceive the source as able and willing to give an objective opinion.

Source attractiveness

Source attractiveness

  • Occurs when the receiver identifies some type of relationship with the source and therefore adopts a similar position.

Source power

Source power

  • This is said to be present when the source of a message is able to reward or punish.

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