Tools for Building Political Success in Forest Protection
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Tools for Building Political Success in Forest Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tools for Building Political Success in Forest Protection. United Nations Development Programme . UNDP Focus. On the ground in 166 countries – neutrality Millennium Development Goals , + overarching goal of cutting poverty in half by 2015.

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Tools for Building Political Success in Forest Protection

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP Focus

  • On the ground in 166 countries – neutrality

  • Millennium Development Goals, + overarching goal of cutting poverty in half by 2015.

  • Helping countries build and share solutions to the challenges of:

    • Democratic Governance

    • Poverty Reduction

    • Crisis Prevention and Recovery

    • Environment and Energy

    • HIV/AIDS

  • Human rights and the empowerment of women in all activities.

52 UNDP Parliamentary Development projects (2009)

Europe and CIS: 8 projects

Arab Region: 7 projects

Latin America and the Caribbean : 3 projects

Asia-Pacific: 13 projects

Africa: 21 projects

Parliamentary development
Parliamentary Development

  • Legislative role

  • Representative role

  • Parliament-Government relations and oversight

  • Parliamentary Administration



Programme design, implementation and evaluation

Knowledge products (Manuals, web-based information, practice notes)

Capacity development and regional working groups

Partnerships (e-parliament, APF, CPA, SADC PF, IPU, NDI, IDEA, EC, WBI, French National Assembly and Senate…)

Monitoring Trends (global and regional innovations in parliamentary development)

Sharing experiences and best practices


Undp global environment facility
UNDP – Global Environment Facility

  • Global Environment Facility (GEF) – 8.74 billion USD categories: biological diversity, climate change, international waters and ozone depletion (+ new areas: land degradation and persistent organic pollutant)

  • Small Grant Programme (NGOs)

  • + co-funded project – Institutionalizing Payment for Ecosystems Services and supporting pilot PES globally and building up regional capacity for policy makers.

  •  The latest generation of UNDP GEF projects are being designed to support PES in various countries, such as Argentina – Colombia – China (including product and service pricing, market transactions, and producer capacity to engage in the PES schemes).

Tools for parliamentarians to deliver change on forest protection

MPs are the intermediary between government action and citizen’s demands

Strategy - Action Plan – Actors - Resources

How – use parliamentary tools:

Legislation (Laws, Regulation, Policies)

Oversight (QP, Committee hearings)

Representation (Creating demand / Building support)

Partners: Political parties, like-minded MPs, media, civil society, citizens, NGOs, academics.

Tools for Parliamentarians to Deliver Change on Forest Protection

Legislation citizen’s demands

  • Sources

  • Government drafts legislation

  • Parliamentary Committees

  • Individual MPs

    2) Amendment or new Forestry Law & Regulation?

    3) Comparative experience - FAOLEX

Oversight citizen’s demands

  • Question period

  • Committee work

  • Petitions and resolutions

  • Debates

Question period citizen’s demands

  • Use personal stories

  • Be persistent

  • Push for media coverage

Committee Work

  • Ask relevant questions when draft law is before the committee

  • Seek committee hearings / consultations

  • Push for media coverage

Petitions/ Res. citizen’s demands

  • Use petitions to draw attention to citizen support

  • Have the petition committee review it

  • Have resolutions debated on opposition days or adjournment debates


  • Find an angle to raise your initiative

  • Be persistent

Building support creating demand
Building Support – Creating Demand citizen’s demands

  • MP must build support for the legislative initiative:

    • Political party

    • Other MPS / Cross-party Forest Groups

    • Citizens

    • Interested Groups

    • Government – State Forestry Department

    • Universities

How: Meetings with citizens, Constituency work, internet & e-mails, communication

Build support for an initiative

Action Plan + Best tools + Consultation citizen’s demands

Engage citizens and CSOs

Use media to get the message disseminated

Seek support from party and fellow MPs

Use parliamentary Tools (draft laws, QP, committees) to your advantage

Knowledge: FAOLEX, other experiences + networking


Thank you

THANK YOU citizen’s demands