genzyme center brownfield development and green building construction
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Genzyme Center: Brownfield Development and Green Building Construction

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Genzyme Center: Brownfield Development and Green Building Construction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genzyme Center: Brownfield Development and Green Building Construction. Rick Mattila – Genzyme Corporation Stuart Dash – Genzyme Corporation Ed Walsh – Mira Development Tom Clark – The RETEC Group, Inc. Chuck Wilk – Portland Cement Association. Presentation Overview. Rick Mattila

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genzyme center brownfield development and green building construction

Genzyme Center: Brownfield Development and Green Building Construction

Rick Mattila – Genzyme Corporation

Stuart Dash – Genzyme Corporation

Ed Walsh – Mira Development

Tom Clark – The RETEC Group, Inc.

Chuck Wilk – Portland Cement Association

presentation overview
Presentation Overview

Rick Mattila

Welcome and Overview of Project and Building

Stuart Dash

Land Use Plans

Ed Walsh


Tom Clark and Chuck Wilk


Rick Mattila

Genzyme Center

Rick Mattila

Wrap Up and Thank You

land use plans

Land Use Plans

Stuart Dash

Director of Community Planning

City of Cambridge

Community Development

historical land use
Historical Land Use
  • Tidal Marsh
  • Charles River Basin
  • Industrial Era
  • CRA/Kennedy
  • DOT/Kendall Square
east cambridge riverfront
East Cambridge Riverfront
  • Establish PUD Process
  • Design Guidelines
the 80s
The ‘80s
  • Office Park Proposal
  • Zoning Committee
the project at the planning board
The Project at the Planning Board
  • The PUD Process
  • Traffic
  • Decision
the project underway
The Project Underway
  • The Buildings
  • The Open Space
  • The Impact


Ed Walsh


Mira Development

(Formerly of Lyme Properties)

kendall square introduction
Kendall Square Introduction
  • Former Use: Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP)
  • Primary Contamination: DNAPL
  • Environmental Remediation: March 2000 - October 2001
  • New Use: Life Science/Office, Residential, Performing Arts, Retail, Restaurant, and Public Open Space
  • Development Schedule: 1998 - 2010
kendall square site
Kendall Square Site
  • Size: 10 Acres
  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Bounded by Linskey Way, Third Street and Broad Canal Topography: Flat
  • Surrounding Community: Densely Populated with Commercial, Residential and R&D Users

Kendall Square Historic Use (1870-1998)

  • Prior to 1870: Open Space & Marsh Land
  • 1870-1960: Cambridge Gas Light Company (Manufactured Gas Plant)
  • 1934-1966: Old Colony Tar Company (tar rendering operation)
  • 1966-1998: COM Electric & Gas (Surface Parking Lots – Temporary Remedial Solution as Interim Cap)



Kendall Square Contamination from Historic Activities

  • Coal Tar Residuals: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in soils (0-20 feet below grade) and as Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid > 0.5” in depth at groundwater/clay interface (approximately 20 feet below grade)
  • Petroleum Residuals: Volatile Organic Compounds in soils (0-20 feet below grade) and as Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) >0.5” in depth on surface of groundwater (approximately 10 feet below grade)
  • Groundwater Quality: Generally meets GW-2 Standards (non-potable but typical of urban setting)

Kendall Square Master Plan

  • Building A: 247,000 SF lab (Vertex)
  • Building B: 223,000 SF lab (TBD)
  • Building C: 85,000 SF Performing Arts (Constellation)
  • Building D: 273,000 SF Office (Genzyme)
  • Building E1: 150,000 SF Residential (TBD)
  • Building E2: 330,000 SF Residential (Twining)
  • Building G: 50,000 SF Mixed Use (res./retail/office)
  • Parking: Two Below Grade Facilities for 2,000 Vehicles (beneath Building B and Buildings E1/E2/G)

Kendall Square Master Plan Drivers

  • Maximize Density: FAR of 3.0 + Bonus Housing for total of 1,376,000 SF of Mixed Use Development
  • Optimize Return on Investment
  • Below Grade Parking: 2,000 Vehicles
  • Aesthetics & Integrated Design:
    • Contemporary, Class “A” Architecture
    • Complementary Open Space with Public Amenities
Remedial Drivers

Permanent Solution

Neighborhood Impacts

Cost & Schedule


Ability to Obtain Financing

Environmental Liability Insurance

Kemper & Zurich (1st & 3rd Party Coverage w/ Re-opener)

$20 MM/10 Year Term

Phase I Remediation

$11 MM Soil Premium

RAO Filed 2002


Phase II Remediation

$8 Million for In Situ Stabilization

Three pRAOs filed in 2002

Three AULs filed in 2002

Two pRAOs filed in 2004

One AUL filed in 2004

$6.5 Million Premium for Soil Disposal on Building B Garage

Kendall Square Summary of Remedial Program


Kendall Square Development Summary

  • Land Acquisition: $21,000,000 or ~ $15/FAR SF
  • Remediation Costs (hard & soft cost): $25,000,000 or ~$18/FAR SF
  • Site Development/Infrastructure/Open Space Areas (soft & hard costs): $20,000,000 or ~$15/FAR SF
  • Total Pre-Construction (garage & infrastructure) Costs: $70,000,000 or ~$50/FAR SF
  • Comparable Value – Clean Site w/ Permits & Infrastructure: ~$65/FAR SF
  • Permitting and Environmental Risk: $15/FAR SF


Tom Clark and Chuck Wilk

Title ???

The RETEC Group, Inc.

Portland Cement Association


Kendall SquarePresentation Outline

  • History
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Remediation Strategy
  • Remediation Details

Kendall SquareHistoric Use (1870-1960)

  • Prior to 1870 - Open Space & Marsh Land



Kendall SquareContamination from Historic Activities

1,000 tons of Coal yields 10,000 MCF Gas and 12,500 Gallons of Tar





Below Grade

Masonry Water


Kendall SquareContamination from Historic Activities

Diagrammatic Section of Multiple Lift Gas Holder


Kendall Square Remediation Strategy in Support of Redevelopment

  • Management of Uncertainty
    • Extensive investigation and precharacterization
    • Environmental Insurance - $10 MM, 10 year-term
  • Selection of Remedial Technologies
    • Extensive cost/benefit evaluation
    • Locate garage excavations in areas with the cleanest soils to reduce the cost of soil disposal
    • Remediate the most contaminated areas using ISS to allow soils to stay on site
  • Engineering and Institutional Controls to Manage Risks Associated with Contamination Remaining On Site
    • Engineering Controls - vapor barriers, venting systems, and dewatering and water treatment systems
    • Institutional Controls - Activity and Use Limitations (AULs)

Kendall Square Excavation Summary

  • Location of two 4-Level Garages with 2,000 car capacity
  • In Situ Sampling: >800 Samples
  • Clean Up Goal: Clean Closure
  • Mass Excavation with Off-Site Disposal & Recycling
  • Duration: March, 2000 - October 2001

Kendall Square Excavation

Precharacterization Grid – 1 of 7


Kendall Square Remediation In Situ Solidification (ISS) Summary

  • Clean Up Goals
    • Address NAPL
    • Risk Based Closure
  • Impact Area: 3.3 acres to 20 feet deep (~100,000 CY)
  • Removal of all Subsurface Obstructions to 15 feet bgs
  • In Situ Solidification with Cement Slurry
  • Duration: June 2000 - April 2001

Kendall Square Remediation In Situ Solidification (ISS)

Conceptual In Situ

Solidification Operation


Kendall Square Remediation In Situ Solidification (ISS)

  • ISS Design Mixture
    • 7% Cement by Weight
    • 5% Water by Weight
    • <1% Bentonite by Weight
  • Performance verified in laboratory treatability study
  • Performance verified with quality assurance testing during construction

Kendall Square Remediation Odor and Vapor Management

  • Suppressant Foam
  • Weather Impacts
  • Wind Screens
  • Air Monitoring
  • Odor Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Stockpile Management
  • Sequencing
  • Public Meetings

Kendall Square Activity & Use Limitations in ISS Area

  • Risk Based Approach
  • Recorded with Deed
  • Major Limitations
    • Engineering Controls
      • Vapor Barrier/
      • Sub-Slab Venting System with Vapor treatment
    • Soil Management Plan
    • Pavement or Clean Soil Cover in Open Space Areas