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From the American People…. October 2009. Total U.S. Assistance to Serbia from 2001-2009: $716 Million (USAID: $545 million) Mission Statement: USAID programs seek to support Serbia (and Montenegro) in their goals of being democratic, prosperous, and moving towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

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Total U.S. Assistance to Serbia from 2001-2009: $716 Million (USAID: $545 million)

Mission Statement: USAID programs seek to support Serbia (and Montenegro) in their goals of being democratic, prosperous, and moving towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Strategy:

  • Adopts an innovative approach that integrates key democracy and economic growth components

  • Promotes fundamental changes in governance, institutions, human capacity and economic structures;

  • Based on close cooperation between USAID and national and local governments, civil society organizations, associations and private companies

  • Activities coordinated with partners & other donors to avoid overlap and ensure maximum impact.

Total U.S. Assistance 2009: (USAID: $545 million)

$46.5m (USAID $37.9m)


Democracy & Governance

  • Civil Society Advocacy Initiative

  • Political Processes

  • Media Assistance Program

  • Separation of Powers Program

    Economic Growth

  • Agribusiness Project

  • Competitiveness Project

  • Municipal Economic Growth Activity

  • Bankruptcy and Enforcement Strengthening

  • Serbia Economic Growth Activity

  • Contingency Planning and Economic Security Program

    Cross Cutting Initiatives

Democracy and governance
Democracy and Governance (USAID: $545 million)

Areas of intervention

  • Supporting civil society as a true voice of the people in advocating for important issues

  • Helping independent media outlets and media organizations become more self-sufficient and professional

  • Increased dialogue between citizens and their elected representatives

    Key results:

  • Support to over 160 civil society organizations for important initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility, Freedom of Information, and Environmental Awareness

  • More independent,professional, and financially viable media outlets and media associations. The regulatory environment now better supports the development of e-media. Over 2,000 media professionals received training through USAID programs.

Which of these do you think is the most important for the future of Serbia?

Source: Strategic Marketing Survey, September 2009

What do you think is the priority in your municipality / city?

Source: Strategic Marketing Survey, September 2009

Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2019: Serbia city?

(Composite ranking of 93 of 133 countries)

(Note that Serbia is a WEF “Stage 2” country, “efficiency-driven,” after which it will transition to a “Stage 3” country, “innovation-driven”)


  • Public Institutions: Government Inefficiency (118)

    • Burden of Government Regulation (129)

    • Efficiency of Legal System in Settling Disputes (124)

  • Private Institutions: Accountability (123)

  • Competition: Domestic Competition (118)

  • Technological Readiness: Firm-level Technology Absorption (125)

  • Domestic Market Size: Exports as Percentage of GDP (116)


  • Health: Infant Mortality (46)

  • Quality of Education: Quality of Math and Science Education (43)

  • Competition: Total Tax Rate (37)

  • Specific Infrastructure: Telephone Lines (38)

Economic Growth city?

Areas of Intervention:

  • A legal and policy environment that promotes economic growth

  • The capacity of key institutions to implement and enforce economic reforms

  • The capability of local authorities to stimulate local economic development

  • Helping businesses identify and successfully enter new markets

  • The competitiveness of Serbian products and services in key sectors by introducing best practices and raising product/service standards to internationally acceptable levels

  • Assisting Serbian agribusinesses “from field to fork” to get maximum returns from their labor and increase exports

Economic growth development
Economic Growth Development city?

Key results:

  • In the last 2 years, municipalities in USAID’s Municipal Economic Growth Activity attracted over 800m Euro in investments and created over 11,000 jobs by becoming more business friendly;

  • Commercial Courts were made more efficient and transparent by introducing a Case Management System in all Commercial Courts. Case backlogs have been cut drastically.

  • Projects helped introduce: VAT; private pensions; investment funds; a sound insurance industry, bankruptcy and enforcement and modern payment systems.

  • In 2 ½ years, the Agribusiness Project has helped Serbian companies to 91 million in export contracts (signed or under negotiation)

  • The Competitiveness Project has helped raise the profile of Serbia as a destination for film production (with a Ralph Fiennes directed production to begin filming in 2010) and helped attract $40m in investments and exports

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