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Why Dual Enrollment??. Purpose: To provide learning opportunities to qualified Indiana Area Senior High School seniors to begin their college experience at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) or Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) prior to high school graduation while still maintai

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Dual Enrollment

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1. Dual Enrollment 2010-2011 School Term Indiana Area Senior High School and Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Westmoreland County Community College

2. Why Dual Enrollment?? Purpose: To provide learning opportunities to qualified Indiana Area Senior High School seniors to begin their college experience at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) or Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) prior to high school graduation while still maintaining a strong academic program at the high school

3. Areas of Discussion School Policy/Attendance Guidelines Procedure for Enrollment/Registration Grant vs. Reduced Tuition Program Cost of Each Program Miscellaneous Information

4. I.H.S. School Policy To qualify, students must possess/maintain: a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average an excellent attendance history an excellent disciplinary record score Proficient or Advanced on the PSSA exam College courses must go beyond courses that I.H.S. offers; they cannot replace courses that I.H.S. offers Student must meet high school graduation requirements prior to or concurrent with attendance at IUP or WCCC Students must schedule a minimum of 4 courses at I.H.S. each semester if taking on-campus courses; if taking on-line courses a student must schedule a minimum of 6 courses at I.H.S.; IUP and WCCC permits students to schedule a maximum of 2 university courses each semester In addition to receiving course credits/course grades on a college transcript, students will also receive 1 elective credit along with the course grade on the I.H.S. transcript for each course successfully completed at IUP or WCCC

5. Three Types Of Programs (based on course selection) --Grant Program (IUP) ---Grant Program (WCCC) ---Reduced Tuition Program (IUP) ---Full Tuition (WCCC)

6. Cost of Grant Courses at IUP and WCCC $0.00 There may be no cost to the student if the student enrolls in one of the specified Grant Courses at IUP or WCCC. The cost of textbooks for the class may also be covered under the terms of the grant. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THE GRANT PROGRAM WILL BE FULLY FUNDED OR PARTIALLY FUNDED BY THE STATE. IF IT IS NOT FUNDED THE STUDENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE APPROPRIATE TUITION, BOOKS, AND FEES.

7. Grant Courses at IUP (limited to selected course sections/times during the week) College Writing Elements of Math I Intermediate Algebra Introduction to Probability & Statistics The Dynamic Earth Oceans & Atmospheres Introduction to Art Introduction to Music Computer Literacy Internet and Multi-Media History of Modern Era World Politics American Politics Geography of Non-West World Basic Economics Principles of Macroeconomics Crime & Justice Systems General Psychology Principles of Sociology Contemporary Anthropology

8. Grant Courses at WCCC College Writing Advanced Composition American Sign Language I Introduction to Literature Survey of World Literature Critical Thinking Introduction to Art Introduction to Music Introduction to Philosophy Introduction to Ethics Effective Speech Interpersonal Communications Mathematics of Business College Algebra Modern College Mathematics Earth and Man Early Western Civilization Modern Western Civilization Early US and PA History Modern US and PA History Macroeconomics American National Government General Psychology Principles of Sociology Cultural Anthropology Astronomy Earth Science Anatomy and Physiology I Intro. To Computer Technology Microcomputer Concepts

9. Estimated Cost of Attendance for Reduced Tuition Courses at IUP ((estimated charges based upon information supplied by IUP) Course Tuition --- $59.48 per credit (75% reduction of $237.92 per credit cost) Fees --- $157.10 Estimated Total Cost --- 3 credit course --- $335.55 4 credit course ---- $395.03 PLUS TEXTBOOKS

10. Estimated Cost of Attendance at Westmoreland County Community College (based upon 2009-2010; 2010-2011 rates will be higher) Course Tuition /Fees/Textbooks $438.00 for a 3 credit course

11. Enrollment Procedure Determine which college class(es) you wish to take (www.iup.edu/ursa) (www.wccc.edu) Complete an I.H.S. “Student Checklist for Dual Enrollment” form and return it to the Guidance Office Pick up an Application for Dual Enrollment at the Guidance Office Submit the Dual Enrollment Application directly to the Guidance Office NO LATER THAN June 1 (Fall semester) or November 1 (Spring semester) Notify your counselor of college acceptance so that your high school schedule can be altered to accommodate your IUP or WCCC class(es)

12. Miscellaneous Information I.H.S. Class Schedule I.H.S./IUP/WCCC Attendance Policies Transportation to/from IUP or WCCC Student Parking

13. What’s Next???? Talk With Your Parents If you’re interested in Dual Enrollment… 1. Select class(es) that follow I.H.S. Policies 2. Complete and submit the Student Checklist form to the Guidance Office 3. Get a Dual Enrollment Application and Registration Form from the Guidance Office/follow application instructions 4. Notify your counselor of your acceptance and verify college class attendance times 5. Apply for an I.H.S. parking permit (if applicable)

14. Contact Information Indiana University of Pennsylvania Westmoreland CC College Mary Partridge James H. Pirlo Office of the Registrar Admissions Office 300 Clark Hall WCCC 1090 South Drive Youngwood, PA 15697- 1898 Indiana, PA 15705 724-925-6953 724-357-2217 pirlioj@wccc.edu m.b.partridge@iup.edu

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