Math while in the army
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Math while in the Army - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Math while in the Army. By: Caleb Stout. RANGER EDITION.

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Math while in the Army

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Math while in the Army

By: Caleb Stout


  • Army Ranger Officers are highly trained and intelligent individuals who must stay calm in the face of danger. They are responsible for coordinating and executing missions and leading special forces teams. Army Ranger Officers travel all over the world for mission and training. The key to becoming a good officer is courage, loyalty and the ability to over come one’s fears.

  • To be an Army Ranger Officer you need at least a need bachelors degree from any four year college or university. However what you get a degree in does not matter. The first two years an officer can make 36,000- 48,000 ,depending on the amount of training you have received.

army ranger officer Requirements and Duties

  • Army Ranger Officers never stay one place too long, moving from base to base and into different deployments over seas.

Rangers use math for a variety of task such as :

  • Map reading skills

  • What heights to parachute safely

  • Simple addition and subtraction for knowing how much supplies they have

  • How much supplies they can pack

  • The amount of bullets they have after a firefight

  • How much supplies they can have on them when they parachute, because to if they are too heavy they faster than intended.

The math Rangers use

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