Campus buy in for the co op intern module
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Campus Buy-in for the Co-op/Intern Module - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Campus Buy-in for the Co-op/Intern Module. Kat & Rachel. Session Starters. Please silence your cell phones When asking questions please clearly state your name and where you are from Try to hold questions for Question Breaks

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Session starters
Session Starters

  • Please silence your cell phones

  • When asking questions please clearly state your name and where you are from

  • Try to hold questions for Question Breaks

  • A link where you can download the PowerPoints will be available after the conference for review, but take notes!

  • Sit back, relax and let’s have some fun

Session agenda
Session Agenda

  • Discuss Co-op/Intern Advantages

  • Key Challenges

  • Networking Time

Welcome our panelists
Welcome Our Panelists

  • Paul Zheng– University of Minnesota – St. Paul

  • Christine Mahoney – University of Colorado at Boulder

What is the co op intern module
What is the Co-op/Intern Module?

  • Eliminates the paper chase

  • Allows co-op/intern offices to focus on serving students and employers

  • Learning Agreements and Evaluations made electronic

  • Automatic email and workflow process make it easy to track student progress

    Panelists: What is co-op/intern to you?

Campus buy in
Campus Buy In

  • Why is this important?

    • When using the co-op module it can sometimes take the cooperation of other departments on campus to make it successful.

  • Challenges

    Panelists: What is your relationship with other departments? Did you need and how do you manage cooperation from?

    • Faculty

    • Dean

    • Career Services

    • Admissions

Challenge approver success
Challenge: Approver Success

  • Challenge: How do we make approvers successful (faculty, supervisors, registrar’s office, international office)?

    • Have a meeting or orientation with approvers to help develop strategies and become familiar.

    • Managing processes when they say they didn’t receive the email

    • Administrator keeping track of who has viewed the record

    • Administrator can update deadlines if an out of office is received

Panelists – how do you incorporate approvers?

Challenge faculty grading
Challenge: Faculty Grading

  • Challenge: How can faculty grade evaluations online?

    • Have all results email to admin and forward to faculty

    • Allow faculty to login to the system to view results

Panelists – Do your faculty grade evaluations? What is your process?

Challenge non traditional employers
Challenge: Non-Traditional Employers

  • Challenge: How to work with employers who are not on a computer all day or have limited access to email (ie. Restaurants, Construction)

    • Make sure the student is the advocate for their supervisor

    • An employer user guide and meeting/orientation

    • Have a guide at the beginning of the semester with due dates to expect when they will receive emails.

Panelists – how to do you handle help employers complete their part?

How to take the plunge
How to Take the Plunge

  • How to successfully take the plunge to launch after getting it all setup.

    • Work out the kinks with a test group

    • Tweak as you go

      Panelists – how did you prepare to launch?

Thanks for attending
Thanks for Attending!

If you have any questions please contact the Support Team or your CRM!

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