Unit 8 no one by that name
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Unit 8 No One by that Name. Receiving Visitors. Class Objectives. Topic: A Visit to Jackie Baker Function: a. Expressing Certainty /Uncertainty b. Confirming and responding c. Receiving Visitors.

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Unit 8 no one by that name

Unit 8 No One by that Name

Receiving Visitors

Class objectives
Class Objectives

  • Topic: A Visit to Jackie Baker

  • Function: a. Expressing Certainty


    b. Confirming and


    c. Receiving Visitors

Language points
Language points

To wait for a short time. Hold back, hold down,hold off, hold on to, hold out, hold over, hold up, etc.

  • 1. Hold on a second.

  • 2. In that case, be my guest.

  • 3. You seem to have troule with names.

  • 4. I thought it was odd.

have difficulties with

Speaking practice
Speaking practice

Expressing Certainty

I know Nick did it.

I’m positive

I’m sure Nick didn’t do it.

It is clear to me that

Expressing Uncertainty

I’m not sure that

I doubt that Nick did it.

I have trouble believing that

Speaking practice1
Speaking practice

  • Confirming and Responding


    I’ m sure.

    I’m positive.

    Are you sure about that? Oh, yes, absolutely.

    Are you certain about that? No doubt about it.

    Do you really think so? I’m pretty sure.

    Actually, I really

    doubt it.


Situation: Imagine you are talking about a friends named Tom who has been offer a job .

  • Work in pair, and discuss the following questions:

  • ---What do you do and say when you receive a business visitor at your office or meet him/her at the airport for the first time?

  • ----How important are first impressions?

  • ----What effect does the initial contact have on future relations?

Work in groups
Work in groups.

  • Role-play the following situation:

  • You are the Export Manager of Guangzhou Cosmetics Ltd. And are now at Baiyun Airport to meet your Canadian customer, Mr. Wilson. You’ve been dealing with each other through correspondence for one or two years, but have never met before. After you meet, you exchange greetings, say a few sentences about his flight and the weather, and make a small talk on the way to the hotel.