Computer history
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Computer History. How we got to where we are and what’s next. The Abacas was one of the first calculators. The Original Computer. The Soroban came next. The Slide Rule was an analog computer. First Transistor 1955. The Slide Rule was an Analog Calculator.

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Computer History

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Computer History

How we got to where we are and what’s next

The Abacas was one of the first calculators

The Original Computer

The Soroban came next

The Slide Rule was an analog computer.

First Transistor 1955

The Slide Rule was an Analog Calculator

The Slide rule was used to multiply numbers by using logarithms

Slide Rule early analog computer

Some times the slide rule got out of hand

Circular Slide rule

First Integrated circuit 1955

Mechanical Calculators came next

The Mechanical Adding machine

Early calculator 1889 used for census


EANIAC was developed for US Army 1944


Integrated Circuit 1960

Tubes were used until 1963

Early Computer were made with Tubes

Cord wood tube module for computers

IBM 360 System 1964

First computer mouse 1964Doug Engelbart invented

IBM card reader drum

IBM Core Memory 1965

Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1968

Ken back -1 1969 kit

First Integrated circuit 1958

Heath Kit EC-1 Analog Computer 1970

First Intel computer chip 1971

Early DEC component board

DEC PDP-11-54 in Software Development Lab for MIL-STD-1553

Intel C4004 first Integrated computer dip chip

Intel 4004 in 1971

Intel 8008 processor

Sinclair MK1 computer was born

Bread board for Bo mar Brain

MITS ALTAIR 680 1970

ALTAIR 8800 started the Minicomputer craze

Intel 8008

MITS ALTAIR 8800 computer kit

ALTAIR 8800 B Computer

ALTAIR with disk accessory

ALTAIR was the birth of the PC boom

Bill Gates and Paul Allen start up Microsoft. 1980

Apple Computer Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak 1977

First Apple Computer and ALTAIR8800

IBM PC 1981the business world wakes up

IBM PC took micro computing to the Business community

IBM PC Man of the year 1982

Z-80 Processor Chip

Intel 8080 processor

RCA 1802 in 1974

IBM Mini computer chip

Early Telephone modem 1975

Commodore SR9190 programmed calculator

HP-35 Calculator 1972

Osborne 1 Portable Computer1981

VisiCalc the reason the PC became a business tool

Paper tape repair tape

HP-65 programmable calculator

Intel 8086 chip set 1977

IBM 5100 Portable Computer

Heath Kit 1 1983

HP-9830 Programmable calculator

RAM Memory card

Computer Museum

Intel 80286 1984

Multi chip integration

Motorola 68000 CPU 1984

Random Access Memory -RAM

Intel 80286 CPU 1982

Intel 80386 1986

Intel 80386 on header 1991


Intel 80486 CPU 1989

First Pentium wafer 1993

Intel Pentium-1 processor 1993

Pentium-3 Architecture

Intel 80586 CPU in 1995

Intel Pentium 4 Chip 2000

Pentium layout

Pentium 1994

Micro processor Architecture

Desktop layout

Laptop components

Mounting base

Laptop Graphic chip

Laptop Battery

Laptop Memory card

Laptop Heat sink and blower

Intel Pentium processor

Intel Lap top duo chip

Laptop processor chip

Intel Family of chips

AMD Athlon 64 Chip

Intel Duo Chips

Intel Duo Core chip

Intel Centrino Duo

Intel Centrino components

Centrino die shot

Intel semiconductor cells

Microprocessor Read Only Memory

Wireless Bluetooth PC Card

Bill Gates shows concern with new software release

Bill Gates forecasts the future

Compaq Alpha 21264 Block Diagram

Bill Gates at NCC Computer Show


Bill Gates busted in New Mexico 1977

Steve Jobs – Apple Computer

Apple 1 prototype 1976

Apple II circuit Board

Apple II 1978

HP-85 Calculator 1978

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE


Commodore PET

Bill Gates in Hologram

First PGA package

Pentium Die crop

35 Years of Microprocessors

Intel Duo Announcement 2006

AMD vs Intel 2006

AMD Athelon 64

Intel Pentium -3

AMD 64 Anthon 2006

Intel Pentium D 2006

Which is better? You be the judge

AMD vs Intel Test Comparison

AMD vs Intel Dual Core Test

AMD vs Intel Dual Core Test

AMD vs Intel Dual Core Test

AMD vs Intel Dual Core Test

AMD vs Intel Dual Core Test

Palm with Trino

Palm with GPS

Bluetooth phone

Quit before you get in to deep Stuff

The Future is cloudy

Past 50 years

  • The most important technology in the past 50 years, is the Integrated Circuit.

  • The most amazing development in the past 25 years, is the Internet Information explosion which will continue at an exponential rate. It has changed our society from an Industrial to an information society.

  • Decision & Timing are Important


  • The most significant development in the next 15 years, will be the nano technology. Here the chemistry, nano-robotics, nano-medicine, and nano-electronics will be combined to make the most astounding break throughs in every field.

Decision & Timing are Important

  • 1.The Wrong Decision, at the Wrong Time, Results in Disaster.

  • 2.The Wrong Decision, at the Right Time, Results in a Mistake.

  • 3.The Right Decision, at the Wrong Time, Results in Rejection.

  • 4.The Right Decision, at the Right Time, Results in Success.

The Future is up to you

  • Some people make things happen,

  • Some people watch things happen,

  • Other people wonder what happened.

  • The rest only criticize those that make things happen,

  • Be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

  • Keep learning, it is a never ending process.

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