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Voter election terms
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Voter/Election Terms. Unit 3. Swing State. A state that is leaning toward a particular candidate but the electoral outcome can be influenced. Battleground State. A state whose electoral outcome is considered too close to call. End Result. These states get MANY visits during campaigning .

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Voter/Election Terms

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Voter election terms

Voter/Election Terms

Unit 3

Swing state

Swing State

  • A state that is leaning toward a particular candidate but the electoral outcome can be influenced

Battleground state

Battleground State

  • A state whose electoral outcome is considered too close to call

End result

End Result

  • These states get MANY visits during campaigning

Red states

“Red States”

  • Republican states (won by Republican candidate)

Blue states

“Blue States”

  • Democrat states (won by Democratic candidate)

Political party goal

Political Party Goal

  • Get their candidates elected into office

Two party system

Two-Party System

  • What the U.S. has in effect

  • Even though other parties exist, these are the big two that consistently win

Third party

Third Party

  • The “other parties” besides Republican and Democrat

  • Can take votes AWAY from Republicans or Democrats



  • The politician who currently holds the position in office

Popular vote

Popular Vote

  • The tally of votes from all the voting populations to determine winner of electoral college numbers

  • Presidential race only for electoral college

  • All other office positions just use popular vote

Interest groups lobbying

Interest Groups/Lobbying

  • Interest Group: take interest in a SPECIFIC issue

  • Lobbying: Group of people attempting to influence the political process by persuading public officials to favor or oppose action on a SPECIFIC issue

Voter fraud

Voter Fraud

  • When people vote illegally (false name, address, etc.)

  • Mainly illegal immigrants or those who have not registered due to criminal record

Voter disenfranchisement

Voter Disenfranchisement

  • Telling a LEGAL voter they can not vote due to some mix up by the state

  • Can be intentional or unintentional

Provisional ballot

Provisional Ballot

  • In response to 2000 election and disenfranchisement

  • If a voter may be not able to vote because no record of him/her, the state gives them a provisional ballot so they can at least still vote and hope the matter gets cleared up later where the vote can count

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