Virtual Access to the Clinical Workstation
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Nurse and Care Partner Training July-August 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Access to the Clinical Workstation . Nurse and Care Partner Training July-August 2013. Virtual Clinical Workstation (VCWS). What is Virtual Access? A more efficient way to use the Vanderbilt clinical applications

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Nurse and Care Partner Training July-August 2013

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Virtual Access to the Clinical Workstation

Nurse and Care Partner Training

July-August 2013

Virtual Clinical Workstation (VCWS)

  • What is Virtual Access?

  • A more efficient way to use the Vanderbilt clinical applications

    • Allows a user to maintain the same documentation session from multiple workstations

    • Allows a user to re-open their last charting session where they left off, regardless of their location

    • Users can open each program at the beginning of the shift and leave open

    • Biggest benefit for mobile users/accessing multiple CWS’s

  • Steps for manually logging into a virtual session

  • Confirm the “Logon to VCWS” box is checked

  • Enter VUNetID and Password

  • Click OK or press the enter key

  • Click on Desktop icons to access desired programs (HED, Starbrowser, WIZ/HEO, etc.)

VCWS = Virtual Clinical Workstation

VCWS StarBrowser Customization

StarBrowser is necessary:

To View/Acknowledge orders

To track work related indicators

To sort unit census in StarBrowser

Important: StarBrowser must be set up and customized for your unit in the VCWS session. This customization will ensure the user sees the correct census, columns, and indicators assigned to that location

  • One time set up process:

  • Double click the StarBrowser icon,

  • Follow the numbered steps 1 & 2 on the next two screens.

VCWS StarBrowser Customization




  • Step 1

  • Scroll to the bottom of the black menu bar, click Customize & Preferences

  • In Preferences, scroll down to the “show items automatically” line and click on the “no” link to open the selection fields

  • Click radio button next to PtLists

  • Click radio button next to Inpt wboard


VCWS StarBrowser Customization

Left click and drag Inpt Whiteboard up to Favorites section




Step 2

Click on Dashboards in black menu bar

Click on Inpt Whiteboard

Click on your unit location

Left click and drag Inpt Whiteboard up to favorites

With this customization, your unit location will automatically appear in the top frame every time you open Starbrowser


New Workflow for the Clinical User

Important:StarBrowsermust be opened at the start of every shift to see new Stat/Routine orders and to monitor work related indicators. Once opened, StarBrowser will remain open throughout the virtual session

Important: Refresh

In the VCWS session the user must click Refresh to check for new orders or updated indicators

The VCWS process: Throughout your shift leave open all programs you may need to re-access later

When you’re finished with your current documentation session, click the red X. The VCWS session will close down

Important: Lock Screen When logging off, do not use the lock screen function, it will slow down your log-in time when you re-log into a different CWS

When you log back in from any Virtualized CWS, all of your programs will still be running right where you left off!

Change Unit Census


Staff who work from different locations can change unit census by performing the following steps:

Click the “Select which beds to show” link at the top of the patient census frame

Fill in the radio button for your location

Click the “Show the selected unit” button at the bottom



Things to Consider

  • Safety: Be mindful to select the right patient every time you re-log on to your virtualized charting session, your new session will open to the patient you last documented on

  • Refresh: Virtual session applications do not auto refresh. You are required to refresh all screens to see the most up to date orders, indicators, etc.

  • HED: Save any/all documentation before every log off. HED will automatically close if it is not used within 60 minutes. This also applies to other applications. Ex. Medilinks, email etc.

  • Desktop Icons: Desktop icons are grouped in alphabetical order it is normal to see icons move slightly up or down the row

  • 1st Log-on of your shift: The 1st log-on of your shift will take up to 30 seconds to process. All log-on attempts thereafter will process between 4.5-5 seconds

Things to Consider (continued)

  • Technical Issues:

    • If your virtual session stops working correctly you can restart your session by clicking on the “Restart VM” button in the right upper corner of the desktop

    • If the “Restart VM” Button does not resolve the issue, go back to charting under your non virtualized VUNet ID (by unchecking VCWS checkbox on the log on screen), and notify the Help Desk

  • Questions: A System Support Services representative or unit Super user will be on the floor the week of go live to assist with the StarBrowser set-up and answer questions. For urgent issues, call the HelpDesk at 343-HELP

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