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Kashmir. By Yash Desai. Information About Kashmir. Map of Kashmir Kashmir is located in Northern Part of India It borders with Pakistan and China Located in the valley of Himalayas, Himalayas is shared by four countries Known as crown of India

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By Yash Desai

Information about kashmir

Information About Kashmir

  • Map of Kashmir

  • Kashmir is located in Northern Part of India

  • It borders with Pakistan and China

  • Located in the valley of Himalayas, Himalayas is shared by four countries

  • Known as crown of India

  • current conflicts in other words I will tell you how the one of the beautiful place in the world is turned into hell

  • Conclusion



  • Kashmir is the part of country which is widely diverse one of the example of the diversity is the languages spoken.

  • In India we have about 15 government recognized languages to name a few they are Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and English

  • And each one has its own grammar and vocabulary and they differ from each other like English differ from French

  • Unity in Diversity

Picture of lake in kashmir

Picture of Lake in Kashmir

People working in kashmir

People Working in Kashmir

Beautiful scenery of kashmir

Beautiful scenery of Kashmir

Another picture

Another picture

A lake in kashmir

A Lake in Kashmir

Himalayas range

Himalayas Range

Current picture

Current picture

Map of kashmir

Map of Kashmir

Current conflicts

Current Conflicts

  • India divided in three parts in 1947

  • Because of Mohammad Ali and few other activists

  • It got divided in three parts India, East Pakistan (today's Bangladesh) and West Pakistan.

  • When India got independence all the kings and state got join either in India or Pakistan

Current conflicts1

Current Conflicts

  • But the Hari Singh the king of Kashmir undecided

  • So India and Pakistan makes a standstill agreement and he gets help from both countries.

  • Pakistan violates agreement on 22nd October 1947 and holds the supplies and attacks Kashmir

  • He writes a letter to the governor general of India (sd). Lord Mountbatten stating that Pakistan has attacked his territory and he needs Indian support

  • India said sign the instrument of accession and we will supply you with army.

Current conflicts october 27 th 1947

Current ConflictsOctober 27th 1947

  • October 27th 1947 Indian army enters Kashmir to defend against Pakistani troops

December 31 st 1947

December 31st,1947

  • On December 31st,1947 a highly unconstitutional offer of plebiscite was made by prime minister Nehru

January 1 st 1948

January 1st 1948

  • India under Nehru declares unilateral cease-fire

  • under article 35 of the U.N. chapter, India files complains against pakistan

  • Since that day there are two parts of Kashmir

  • IOK

  • POK (they call it Azad (independent) Kashmir that’s 2/5 of the state



  • 3 wars

  • 1st war when they entered Kashmir against Pakistani military.

  • In 1971 creation of Bangladesh

  • In 1999 Kargil War

Link to the civilian casualty in kashmir

Link to the civilian casualty in Kashmir

  • http://www.armyinkashmir.org/civilian.html

Last but not the least

Last but not the least

  • One of the beautiful in the world is turned into hell, by the terrorism by Pakistan and nobody is doing anything

  • To let my audience know how beautiful Kashmir is and what is going on there

  • My purpose of choosing this topic was to inform people what Kashmir is and why are we fighting over a small piece of land over last 50 years

  • in my next speech I will tell you what I think about it

Work cited

Work cited

  • The Instrument of Accession of Jammu and Kashmir state: A Historical Perpective. armyinkashmir. 08 July 2003 <http://www.armyinkashmir.org/history/history1.html>.

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