Novelties on the internet technology and services
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Novelties On The Internet Technology and Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Novelties On The Internet Technology and Services. Budi Rahardjo Institut Teknologi Bandung 2004. Presented at “Techno Pre-Eminence 10 th Conference & Exhibition 2004” (TPE-2004), RISTI, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, December 2 nd 2004.

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Novelties On The Internet Technology and Services

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Novelties On The Internet Technology and Services

Budi Rahardjo Teknologi Bandung


Presented at “Techno Pre-Eminence 10th Conference & Exhibition 2004” (TPE-2004), RISTI, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, December 2nd 2004

IEEE Spectrum – November 2004 asked 40 Tech Gurus: “Most important technology of the last 40 years”. Answers:

Integrated Circuits



Technology that has evolved in a surprising ways:



Internet Wonders

TPE 2004

Started as a research network, ARPANET

Grew to cover research and education entities

(Thus, it is mind boggling when somebody said “internet for education”.)

Then, 1990s, become accessible to public and commerce. All hell breaks loose!

History of the Internet

TPE 2004

History of the Internet (part 2)

  • Future: Internet Protocol (IP) becoming public “utility”, ubiquitous / pervasive

  • Difficult to find the right business model, especially when it has become public utility

  • Internet2 (back to square one)?

TPE 2004

History of Internet Applications

  • Email (still the most popular applications)

  • File transfer (FTP)

  • Information system (gopher, WAIS, etc.)

  • Hyper information system (WWW, portal, [weblog] blog, virtual desktop)

TPE 2004


TPE 2004

History of Internet Applications:Multimedia Apps

  • Multimedia applications

    • Streaming audio & video

    • Games / entertainment

    • VoIP, MoIP

    • (Voice over Bluetooth?)

TPE 2004



TPE 2004

P2P applications (file sharing / exchange, multimedia exchange)

Bandwidth hungry

Legal aspect?

What kind of business model?

History of Internet Applications:Peer To Peer Applications

TPE 2004

Computer terminals

Personal computers, portable notebooks

Cellular phones and PDA. Mobile devices

Internet-enabled devices (coffee maker, toaster, refrigerators, TiVo)

Next? …ATM machines, embedded systems

History of Internet Devices

TPE 2004

Technology Drivers

  • Computer Technology

    • Moore’s law: complexity doubles every 18 months

    • Good enough

  • Storage Technology

    • Increases 3 times / year

    • Good enough

  • Network Technology

    • Increase in speed, lower in price

    • But … new bandwidth-hungry applications.The need for (more) speed!

TPE 2004

Internet “Governance”

  • No centralized management (?). Responsibilities are distributed (e.g. IP allocation, DNS).

    • What about ENUM?

    • ICANN vs. ITU

  • Communities

    • Co-operation and collaboration are the keys

    • Open standards based on consensus (e.g. RFC)

    • Open forum to discuss technical aspects

  • Caught Government off guard

  • Still trying to find the best Internet governance model

TPE 2004

IP “Problems”

  • IP (v4, that is) is not the best protocol, but good enough.

    • No guarantee. No QoS.

    • (Sometimes) it is difficult to predict the quality.

  • Solution?

    • Many “managed” solutions have failed to gain popularity. For example: Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). Would MPLS have the same fate?

    • Just throw in more bandwidth if you need more. Bandwidth is “cheap”.

TPE 2004

IP “Problems”

  • IP (v4) has no built in security

  • Solution?

    • Add band-aid / patched security solutions. Good enough.

    • Security built in applications, instead

    • Would IP v6 help? Maybe … but need more IPv6 devices

TPE 2004

Problems vs. Opportunities

  • But, IP is so pervasive. Everybody uses it. You cannot escape from it. Mind as well build opportunities around it.

  • How to unlock the opportunitiesbehind IP business … ?

TPE 2004


  • The Internet is here and will continue to grow with

    • New applications and technologies

    • New innovations

  • Still trying to find

    • the right (Internet) governance model

    • the right business model

TPE 2004

… the Internet …

  • The most important technology for the last 40 years?


  • The most important technology in the next decade


  • Technology that has evolved in a surprising way


TPE 2004

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