Ensuring student success
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ENSURING STUDENT SUCCESS. Authentic Assessment. Professional development package guide for pre-service teachers. Authentic Assessment. Ensuring Student Success Assessment Task 1 – Research and Presentation

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Ensuring student success


Authentic Assessment

Ensuring Student Success teachers.

Assessment Task 1 – Research and Presentation

The focus for this assessment task is to examine how authentic assessment relates to student success in an educational context.

Focus Question

How can authentic assessment ensure student success in a rich and meaningful learning context?Dimension 4 Complex Reasoning Process

The Dimension 4 Complex Reasoning Process 'investigation'  will be used to guide the topic and will define the basis of authentic assessment and how it can be utilised to promote successful student learning:

Investigation– “The process of identifying and resolving issues about which there are confusions or contradictions” (Marzano & Pickering, 1997).

Introduction teachers.


The key principles of assessment are that they should provide opportunities for feedback and revision and that what is assessed must be congruent with one’s learning goals.

Studies of adaptive expertise, learning, transfer, and early development show that feedback is extremely important.

A challenge of implementing good assessment practices involves the need to change many teachers’, parents’, and students’ models of what effective learning looks like. Many assessments developed by teachers overly emphasize memory for procedures and facts.

Appropriately designed assessments can help teachers realize the need to rethink their teaching practices.