Optical illusions
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OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. spot the giraffe. If you stare at the following picture long enough,
you should see a giraffe…. PINK dots.

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Optical illusions


Spot the giraffe

spot the giraffe

  • If you stare at the following picture long enough,
you should see a giraffe…

Pink dots

PINK dots

  • This one has a couple different cool things. First, if you follow the pink dot moving, the dots will remain pink, but if you stare at the plus sign in the center, the rotating dot will turn green.

  • That’s cool, but now try this... focus on the plus sign in the centre for a short period and all the pink dots will disappear and all you will see is the green dot going around! cool huh?

Black dot

black dot

  • Stare at the black dot...

  • after awhile, the gray haze around it will appear to shrink.

Optical illusions


  • There aren’t any black dots in this image.

Checker board

Checker board

  • Which box is darker - A or B? Seems obvious doesn't it?

  • They are both the exact same colour!

Looking at the same colour

looking at the same colour

Parallel lines

Parallel lines

  • The lines below are slanted right? Actually, they are perfectly parallel! Now that is hard to believe.

Parallel lines at sunrise

parallel lines at sunrise

How many legs

How many legs?

  • Can you tell how many legs this elephant has?

The middle column

the middle column

How many

How many?

  • And here is another type of illusion.

  • Count the people in the picture below.

  • After they shift, count them again!

Man in the coffee beans

man in the coffee beans



  • A static picture – not animated!

Just a woman s face

just a woman’s face … ?

Duck or rabbit

duck or rabbit?

Native american profile

Native American profile

  • A Native American profile?

  • Or an Eskimo entering a cave?

Face down or face up

face down or face up?

The reversing staircase

the reversing staircase

  • Stare at the Reversing Staircase Illusion until

  • it changes to a different staircase.

Who s taller

who’s taller?

A face or something else

A face or something else?

Which looks bigger

Which looks bigger?

  • Which of the MIDDLE circles looks bigger, the one on the left, or the one on the right?

Which is longer

which is longer?

How many horses can you see

how many horses can you see?

How many faces can you see

how many faces can you see?

Two elderly faces

two elderly faces …

Faces or places

faces or places?

Flowing water

flowing water

Ships under a bridge

ships under a bridge

Where does it begin and end

where does it begin and end?

Old or young

Old or young?

The impossible object

the impossible object

Another impossible object

another impossible object

The impossible triangle

the impossible triangle

Good or

Good or … ?

  • Let’s play with some words – what do you see?

Me or

ME or … ?

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