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Technology for Educators. Presented by: ShaLee Baan Hofman and Desirae Surat June 11, 2012. Introductions Video: Education and the Future of Technology Advantages of Using Technology in the Classroom.

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Technology for Educators

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Technology for Educators

Presented by:

ShaLee Baan Hofman and Desirae Surat

June 11, 2012

  • Introductions

  • Video:

  • Education and the Future of Technology


Advantages of Using Technology in the Classroom

  • Technology projects can be used in differentiating activities and assessments

  • Engages students

  • We are teaching them how to be successful, working individuals in a world dependent upon technology

  • Teaches students how to problem solve

  • More information is readily available and searchable

Disadvantages to Using Technology in the Classroom

Students’ computers are not working

Websites are blocked

Internet is down and/or slow

Students may not have internet and/or computer at home to finish their work

Other Advantages or Disadvantages?

Our Wikispace for this workshop:


    • (All the websites are posted here)

  • Have a place where you are saving your user names and passwords as we go along today. 


  • What it is:

    • A term that refers to a real-time, online conversation about the topic or the speaker

  • Benefits:

    • Increase participation

    • Immediate feedback

    • Ask questions

    • Share ideas

Ideas for Educational Use with Backchannel:

  • Questions/comments during a video or speaker

  • On-line study session

  • Collaborate with colleagues, another class, or students

Backchannel Tips:

  • Once you post something it can’t be deleted.

  • You can copy and paste the conversation if you want to save a permanent copy.

  • Give expectations before hand of what you are looking for students to post.

Backchannel Websites:


    • What you put in for the name will be used in the link.

    • Shows the time & date it was posted

    • Newest post are on top

    • Transcript and projector link on bottom of chat



  • Brainstorm


  • Online discussions

  • Notes

  • Turn in assignments

  • Grading

  • Calendar

  • Polls

  • Quizzes

  • Library to bookmark sites

  • Connect with other teachers and share/browse lesson plans

Creating an Edmodo Account:

  • Each group you have has a different code

  • Next to “Groups,” click on “Create”

  • I write my code on the board for each class when they are making their accounts. Each class has a different code.

  • Student Sign Up: Click on “I’m a Student”—fill out information—write down username and password; use school email if applicable.

    ***Teacher note: Account- Settings- Notifications (top right) Check off of “Replies” and “Direct Messages” or you will get an email for every post from every student.

Example Assignment for Edmodo:

  • Edmodo Response Guide—

    ***Please use formal/proper writing…not “texting” writing, and obviously, no foul language or talking about subjects that are off topic, please and thank you 

  • Reply to ONE (or more) of the five questions by directly answering the question.

  • Respond to ONE other person’s response. Start it out with the name of the person you are responding to….

  • Ex. Randy, I also think the fact that the setting is of the family living on a farm and not in town adds to the plot of the story because…

  • Brainstorm


  • Create customized avatars.

  • Add voice to your Voki avatars.

  • 60 second audio with the free version

  • Share with others through e-mail or posting to a blog or website.


  • Free version requires students to create their own accounts using an e-mail.

    • Can create one account and have every student sign in with that username and password

  • Ideas for lesson plans on website

  • Student example:

  • Brainstorm


  • Art inspired storytelling website

  • 75 student accounts with the free teacher account

  • Storybirds are private unless you decide to share

  • Comments feature (classes-settings-comments)

  • Add assignments

  • Storybirds can be embedded

  • Student examples:



    • Kerpoof:

  • Brainstorm


  • Engage Me!


  • What it is:

    • Glogster EDU is a collaborative online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom.

  • Used to create:

    • Individual portfolios

    • Alternative assessments

    • Differentiated instruction activities

Glogster Features:

  • Graphics

  • Texts

  • Photos (you can upload your own too)

  • Video (you can upload your own too)

  • Record your own audio

  • Link to other websites

  • Change color, fonts, and backgrounds

Glogster Examples:

  • Teacher Example

  • Student Example

    - Too much scrolling:

    - No scrolling:

How to sign up for Glogster:

1. Go to

2. Click: “Choose your account level”:

3. Scroll down and click on “Sign up as a teacher”—(free 30 day trial)

4. Make sure when you have students sign up they are clicked on sign u p as a STUDENT and that they go to NOT

4. If students have a school email have them use that and write down their username and password down in their planner or a document where they save all their passwords. (see student directions)

About Glogster:

  • Glogster in 90 Seconds

  • Glogster Tutorial

  • HELPFUL Tips:

    • Have students type out their information first and then copy and paste it into Glogster text boxes.

    • Have students make their text boxes larger and font smaller to avoid having to scroll through all of their writing.

  • How to Sign up for your Glogster Account (for students)

  • Go to

  • Click on “Choose Your Account Level”

  • Scroll down and click on “Register Free as a Student”

  • Fill out the information starting with the teacher code. Use the beginning of your email for your username (ex. Sb2367).

  • Write your username and password in the back of your planner

  • When you sign in to create your account you will need to go to

  • ***I would bookmark this website.

  • Brainstorm


  • Collect and organize your resources by binders and on different shelves

  • Bookmark websites and upload documents to make your binders content specific

  • Students and/or teachers can make an online portfolio

  • Can be accessed from anywhere you are

  • Watch the tutorial video

  • How to Guide & How to Add links while you browse without having to open Livebinder:

    • Go to “My Binders”- “Your First Binder”

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Brainstorm


  • Word cloud

  • Words sized appropriately for how often they are used in the text

  • Custom shapes

  • Custom colors and fonts

  • Examples:





  • is another website of the same type. It does not have as many features to customize it though.

  • Brainstorm

Informational Websites:


    • Search for a book or type in a website and it will correctly site it for you in the format you choose (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)

    • If websites have an author, that will a lot of times need to be written in by you.


    • Online graphical dictionary and thesaurus

    • Learn how words associate

    • Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.

Informational Websites con’t.


    • Takes information from all over the internet and organizes it into an informational video

  • OR

    • Communicate information to one parent, one classes' parents; one student or all students.

    • Gives you a proxy phone number so that personal contact information is never exchanged.

    • Program reminders to be sent out to parents or students at a later date.

    • Free!


        • Sends texts to parents only

Informational Websites con’t.

  • SDLN


    • A LOT of Online Resources (go to “List A-Z):

      • Gale Virtual Reference Library

      • Proquest

      • SIRS Discoverer (K-9)

ipad Apps for Math:


  • Education Apps:


  • Brainstorm

  • Closing Video:

    • Escalator Temporarily Stairs

Wrapping Up:

  • Evaluation

  • Assignment:

    • Due this Friday, June 15th by 10:00 pm

      • Please email to [email protected]

    • One lesson plan (see hand out)

    • One article review (see hand out)

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