Sampling and hpa update 2012 east midlands councils 5 pack 1 rob johnston health protection agency
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Health Protection Agency and Partners The HPA and Public Health England PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sampling (and HPA) Update 2012 East Midlands Councils 5 Pack + 1 Rob Johnston Health Protection Agency. Health Protection Agency and Partners The HPA and Public Health England The HPA and FW&E Laboratory Update The HPA - working with partners on Olympic Activities

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Health Protection Agency and Partners The HPA and Public Health England

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Sampling (and HPA) Update 2012East Midlands Councils 5 Pack + 1 Rob JohnstonHealth Protection Agency

  • Health Protection Agency and Partners

  • The HPA and Public Health England

  • The HPA and FW&E Laboratory Update

  • The HPA - working with partners on Olympic Activities

  • Infectious diseases – few incidents of interest

  • Working together on public health, sampling and food safety

Health Protection Agency – to April 2013 …………….Public Health England

  • Public Health White Paper 2010

  • Deliver specialist public health services to national and local government and the NHS (including lab services)

  • Deliver information and intelligence to support effective action, locally and nationally

  • Provide national leadership and coordination of public health emergency preparedness and response

Health Protection Functions of PHE

  • Surveillance

  • Expert advice

  • Public Health Response

  • Specialist reference and diagnostic laboratory services

  • Research

  • Training

  • Expert advice and support to international agencies

Updates in the HPA FW&E Network 2011 - 2012

  • HPA FW&E laboratories reconfiguration

  • Relocation of Southampton to Porton 2011

  • Relocation of Leeds to York

  • Closure of Bristol laboratory

  • Appointment of more Food Examiners

FW&E Sample Transport

  • Cool boxes supplied by the HPA

  • Data loggers and sample packing system

  • CitySprint - the courier for FW&E samples

Sample Transport and FW&E Laboratory Service Provision

  • FW&E Micro lab York

  • FW&E Micro lab Birmingham

Proactive Sampling Studies

Reactive sampling; outbreaks, incidents interventions etc

HPA studies – to go onto the ‘Knowledge Hub’ –

FW&E Laboratory Olympic Activities;How did we do it ….. and what did we do?

  • Working in partnership ….

  • Advice, Training and Sampling Support

  • Local support and advice as normal

  • On-call rota of FW&E microbiologists during Olympic period (24 hours, 7 days per week)

  • Training to JLARS, LOCOG, LAs, PHAs, FW&E

    • sampling and sampling support

  • User Manual

  • On site expert support

FW&E Laboratory Olympic Activities: Monitoring

  • In collaboration with JLARS, LOCOG, Local Authorities, Port Health Authorities & DWI

    Drinking water monitoring on Olympic sites, particularly the park

    Verification of the commissioning process

    Results converted into public health interventions

    • relaying water pipe runs

    • assurance of cleaning for water fountains

      Water, food and environmental monitoring

      Marinas, hotels training camps and ships used by competitors and Olympic staff

  • swimming pools

  • spa pools

  • Water systems

  • Food service

    Mobile food vendors around routes for:

  • torch

  • cycling

  • running

    Seawater monitoring (Weymouth)

    Monitoring of other sites around Olympic Park

    water quality of a water feature

FW&E Laboratory Olympic Activities:

FW&E Laboratory Olympic Activities:

  • 4 hygiene problems with food manufacturers in Olympics food chain

  • FBOs producing sandwiches (x2), meat pies, sliced meats

  • Sampling resulting from monitoring and incident investigation

  • Initial sampling sometimes in different parts of country

  • Microbiological results and advice to LAs, FSA and HPUs

  • Improvements in manufacturers’ environments

  • No adverse public health events detected

  • 2 Norovirus outbreaks amongst athletes

  • Advice to LAs and HPUs

  • Legionella pneumophila detected in water system of ship

  • Results from routine monitoring

  • Ship providing accommodation to Olympic Park staff

  • Advice to London Port Health Authority and HPU

  • Supporting the media messages

2012 - not just the Olympics

  • Anthrax –

  • Botulism –

  • Bacillus –

  • Campylobacter –

  • injecting drug users

  • in Italian olives

  • shepherds pie and (haricot beans)

  • in chicken liver pate

Has 2012 just been the Olympics?

  • Cryptosporidium -

  • E coli and an open park –

  • Legionnaires’ disease –

  • Pseudomonas

  • … in water and food??

  • ?

  • Edinburgh, Stoke and a place near you?

  • Not just pool water ….

Legionnaires’ diseaseLocal Authorities, HSE, PCT and HPA

Legionnaires’ disease – cooling towers, spa pools and water systems

Legionnaires’ diseaseLocal Authorities, HSE, PCT and HPA

Multi-agency Working –Foods that aren’t the usual suspects ???

  • Pork pie purchased from Boston

  • Case travels home to Hants – becomes ill

  • Further food sample bought from Boston; pork pie and pate and taken to Hants

  • Food samples tested at HPA FW&E Porton

  • Listeria isolated and sent to HPA Ref lab at Colindale

  • fAFLP typing links food isolates with previous cases

  • LA, HPA, FSA involvement in incident






HPA in the East Midlands Outbreak Management

  • East Midlands North and South Joint Outbreak Control Plans / Operational Framework - 2012

  • Determination of an outbreak

  • Outbreak management

  • Outbreak response

  • Outbreak/incident control

  • Closure of the outbreak

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