Close reading reading closely
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Close Reading & Reading Closely. Syntax. Definition of Syntax. the way in which linguistic elements (as words) are put together to form constituents (as phrases or clauses ) from Merriam Webster

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Close Reading & Reading Closely

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Close reading reading closely

Close Reading & Reading Closely


Definition of syntax

Definition of Syntax

  • the way in which linguistic elements (as words) are put together to form constituents (as phrases or clauses) from Merriam Webster

  • The arrangement of words, sentences, phrases and parts of language to form meaning. The understanding of syntax is part of the study of linguistics.

    • Considered standard syntax: She gave the dog a bone.

    • Considered non-standard syntax: A bone she gave the dog.

  • From Latin: Syntaxis: to arrange

Basic sentence types

Basic Sentence Types

From Oxford IB Skills and Practice: English A: Literature

Simple: one main clause, consisting of a subject and verb

Compound: two or more main clauses joined together by a conjunction [f.a.n.b.o.y.s.]

Complex: one main clause with one or more dependent or subordinate clauses.

The following day we visited some castles.

We skirted the walls, but the main gate was locked and the custodian would not let us in.

After passing through the length of its buried catacomb-passages, we climbed the winding stairs of a tower and stood on the battlements, looking down over the al-Garb.

Practice sentence writing

Practice Sentence Writing




Practice sentence writing1

Practice Sentence Writing




Practice sentence writing2

Practice Sentence Writing




Noticing punctuation form and structure

Noticing punctuation, form and structure


"The why and wherefore of the scorpion--how it had got on board and came to select his room rather than the pantry (which was a dark place and more what a scorpion would be partial to), and how on earth it managed to drown itself in the inkwell of his writing desk--had exercised him infinitely.“(Joseph Conrad, The Secret Sharer)



Lines, ends of lines, grouping of lines,

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