Academic modern world history
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Academic Modern World History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Modern World History. Ms. Power and Mr. Greene. Today’s Agenda. About us About you Assigned seating Textbook Distribution Classroom Expectations/Grading Policy Quiz. About us…. About you…. Starbursts….yummy! RED: Favorite Food ORANGE: Favorite Movie

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Academic Modern World History

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Academic modern world history

Academic Modern World History

Ms. Power and Mr. Greene

Today s agenda

Today’s Agenda

  • About us

  • About you

  • Assigned seating

  • Textbook Distribution

  • Classroom Expectations/Grading Policy

  • Quiz

About us

About us…

About you

About you…

  • Starbursts….yummy!

  • RED: Favorite Food

  • ORANGE: Favorite Movie

  • YELLOW: Favorite Song/Band/Musical Group

  • PINK: Favorite Color

Academic modern world history

Let’s get comfy in our assigned seats…

Classroom expectations

Classroom Expectations

  • Respect; what you give is what you get!!

  • Preparation; come with your notebook, journal, assignments and writing utensil

  • BE ON TIME; need I say more??

    Have fun

    and try to enjoy history!!

Student expectations

Student Expectations

  • Organized Notebook

    • Three ring binder would be best

      • You will get lots of handouts (3-hole punched)

  • Good Attendance

    • We have lots to cover and things will move quickly

    • If you are absent you are responsible for seeing me or Mr. Greene to get all make up work.

    • You will be expected to make up all quizzes and tests when you arrive back to class after an absence

Late assignments

Late Assignments

  • Late classworkor homework...

    • WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED so don’t ask.

  • Late Projects/Papers

    • Points will be deducted from your Responsibility grade for everyday the assignment is late

  • Plagiarism

    • If caught, you will be given the option to make up the grade with a similar assignment or take a ZERO.

    • You will also receive a disciplinarian consequence from Mr. Hadfield/Hayes/Shillingford

Grading policy


Point System

  • Formative Assessments (20% of MP grade)

    • Classwork/homework

    • Journals

    • Quizzes

  • Summative Assessments (70% of MP grade)

    • Tests

    • Summative Quizzes

    • Essays

    • Projects

  • Non-academic Assessments (10% of MP grade)

    • Responsible, volunteer answers, participate when asked, timely with assignments, on-task behavior

Overall grading

Overall Grading

  • 2 marking period course (18 weeks)

    • 1st marking period =33% of final COURSE grade

    • 2nd marking period =33% of final COURSE grade

    • Final Exam =14% of COURSE grade

    • 2 Integrated Core Assessments

      • Each = 10% of your COURSE grade

You could earn this

You could earn this!!!!

Quiz yourself on world history

Quiz Yourself on World History

  • Another name for the Middle Ages is the __________ Ages.

Academic modern world history

  • The term “RENAISSANCE” means…

Academic modern world history


Religion is a major factor in world history.

Academic modern world history

4. This King of England had 6 wives!!!!

Academic modern world history

5. She was the most successful Queen of England after Queen Elizabeth I.

Academic modern world history

6. The _____________ Revolution began in 1789.

Academic modern world history

  • He was the Emperor of France from 1802-1815.

Academic modern world history

  • This war began in 1914 and ended in 1918.

Academic modern world history

9. He was the leader of the NAZI party during the 1930’s-45.

Academic modern world history

  • This was the name given of the “chilly” tension between democratic and communist nations after World War II.

Academic modern world history

11. TRUE or FALSE:

Mao Zedong was the first communist leader of China.

Academic modern world history

12. Gandhi was from this country.

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