Philippians part 2 1 12 30
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Philippians - Part 2 (1:12-30). Background Philippians was a Roman colony Many of the Philippians were ex-soldiers Paul writes very informally, there is an obvious warmth of affection Paul is in prison. Where?. Adrian Todd - 200 miles.

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Philippians part 2 1 12 30
Philippians - Part 2 (1:12-30)

  • Background

    • Philippians was a Roman colony

    • Many of the Philippians were ex-soldiers

    • Paul writes very informally, there is an obvious warmth of affection

    • Paul is in prison. Where?

Adrian Todd -

200 miles

Adrian Todd -

Philippians part 2 1 12 301
Philippians - Part 2 (1:12-30)

  • The centre of gravity of this passage is…

    • v21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

  • 3 questions to think about

    • What are the circumstances in which Paul wrote this?

    • What does he mean by this statement?

    • How does this apply to us?

Adrian Todd -

Paul s circumstances 1 12 20
Paul’s circumstances (1:12-20)

  • He was in prison for preaching the Gospel

  • His life was at risk

  • Some people were causing trouble for him

  • v12 circumstances (see Romans 8:28)

  • v13 imprisonment (Where?); Praetorian Guard

Adrian Todd -

Rival preachers
Rival Preachers

  • v15 2 groups are “preaching Christ”

    • those from envy (v15) and selfish ambition (v17), to cause distress (v17)

      • Pagan Gossips (N.T. Wright), or Party Spirit (1 Cor 1)

    • those out of love (v16) and pure motives (v17) and goodwill (v15)

      • loyal followers of Paul

      • have more courage (v14)

  • v18 What matters most is that Christ is proclaimed

Adrian Todd -

Life or death
Life or Death

  • v19 turn out for my salvation (deliverance), a quote from Job

    • note the hint of partnership in prayer

  • v20 earnest expectation and hope (straining the neck forward to glimpse what lies ahead)

    • trying to see what comes after death

    • or an allusion to the expectation of being beheaded

    • Paul appears to welcome death

      • being with Christ is very much better (v23)

      • desires to break camp/let slip

Adrian Todd -

Unable to choose v22
Unable to choose v22

  • v22 I do not know which to choose

    • the language here is less elegant, almost as if Paul is overwhelmed by the decision

    • he appears to toss the argument back and forth

  • v25 there is a new confidence in style, the choice is made

    • The verdict has not been passed

    • Is it rational need (pastoral responsibility) over personal preference? (v24)

    • In the writing did God speak?

Adrian Todd -

Living as good citizens v27
Living as good citizens v27

  • the good citizen word not be wasted on the “Roman citizens” the Philippians

    • But of which city?

  • a life worthy of Christ

    • citizens of the Kingdom of God, the heavenly city (see Heb 13:14 - seeking a city which is to come)

    • FNT let your lives speak for you

    • your life and words must match (vv10-11)

    • standing firm together; unity (military term)

    • striving together; partnership (athletics/team spirit)

Adrian Todd -

Don t be wimps v28
Don’t be wimps v28

  • in no way be alarmed

    • a term to describe easily startled horses

  • v29 suffer for His sake

    • believing in Jesus and suffering go hand in hand

    • Acts 5 they considered it a privilege

    • Evangelical Alliance Survey

    • Wherever there is persecution the church thrives

  • v30 experiencing the same conflict

    • even in suffering there is fellowship/partnership

Adrian Todd -

To me to live is christ to die is gain
To me to live is Christ, to die is gain

  • This is about living out the life of Christ

  • Paul considers himself to be in a “Win, Win” situation

  • So are we !!!!

  • Living out the life of Christ involves

    • working in partnership

    • the advance of the gospel

    • Christ receiving glory

    • living in a manner worthy

    • being servant hearted

    • rejoicing in all things

Adrian Todd -

To die is gain
To die is gain

  • Paul considered it very much better to be with Christ

    • this life is the trial period

    • we go to a more intimate relationship with Jesus

    • What’s your relationship like now?

    • How we live now builds for the future?

    • There is never a convenient time.

    • Life is simply to be Christ

Adrian Todd -