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Norwegian Salmon. Recipe Book. Bedecked Chirashizushi of Norwegian Salmon. Gloriously colourful and delicious to the eye. Ingredients Serves 4 / 18cm cake mould. Norwegian salmon (for filler)120g (for topping) 80g Rice2 cups Kombu1 sheet (3 x 4cm)

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Norwegian Salmon

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Recipe Book

Bedecked Chirashizushi of Norwegian Salmon

Gloriously colourful and delicious to the eye

Ingredients Serves 4 / 18cm cake mould

  • Norwegian salmon (for filler)120g

  • (for topping) 80g

  • Rice2 cups

  • Kombu1 sheet (3 x 4cm)

  • Sushi vinegar60 – 80ml

  • Red pickled ginger 20g

  • White sesame seeds2 tbsp

  • Green laver (or sea lettuce)1 tbsp

  • White sesame seeds1 tbsp

  • Shiso 4 leaves

  • Shredded egg crêpes From 2 eggs

  • Snow pea (boiled)2

  • Salmon caviar2 tbsp

  • SaltTo taste

  • Soy sauce & wasabiTo taste

  • Plastic wrap


① Thinly slice the salmon.

② Drain the red pickled ginger and mince. Julienne the shiso leaves. Thinly slice the snow peas.

③ Rinse and drain the rice, add water and kombu to cook. Once the rice has cooked, add the

sushi vinegar to make sushi rice.

④ Divide ③ into two equal portions, add A and B to each and blend.

⑤ Line the cake mould with plastic wrap, fill it with sushi rice mixed with red pickled ginger, top it with

salmon, sprinkle lightly with salt and shiso leaves, top it with sushi rice mixed with green laver and

press down lightly.

⑥ Serve  ⑤ on a plate, remove the plastic wrap, sprinkle with shredded egg crêpes, salmon pieces, snow

peas and salmon caviar.

⑦ Serve with wasabi soy sauce if desired.

A small bowl or pound cake mould can be used in place of the cake mould.

Norwegian Salmon Salad with Vegetables Galore

Enjoy a Healthy and Tasty Salad

Ingredients Serves 4

Norwegian salmon200g

Romaine lettuce 1/3 bunch

Orient green curl2 -3 leaves




Paprika (yellow)¼

Olive oilAs required

<Cream sauce>

Olive oil1 tbsp

Garlic (finely minced) 1 clove


Fresh cream½ cup

Salt & pepperTo taste

<French dressing>

Wine vinegar3 tbsp

Olive oil1 tbsp

Grilled salmon skinAs required

Finely minced parsleyAs required

Salt & pepperTo taste


① Heat olive oil in the frying pan, sear the outside of the salmon seasoned with salt and pepper. Once

cooled, slice into 1cm wide pieces.

② Divide the broccoli and cauliflower in bite-size portions, cut the carrot using a star-shaped cutter and boil.

③ Tear the romaine lettuce and orient green curl into bite-size pieces, and thinly slice the paprika and

soak in water.

④ For the cream sauce, heat olive oil in the frying pan, fry the garlic and add the anchovy to fry. Add the

cream, bring it to a boil and season with salt and pepper.

⑤ For the French dressing, mix the ingredients together in a bowl.

⑥ Serve ③ on a plate, well drained, arrange (2) and salmon on top and serve with the sauce and dressing.

French dressing is recommended to those who are mindful of calories.

Marinated Norwegian Salmon with Dill

The flavour of salmon is improved by lemon and dill

Ingredients Serves 4

Norwegian salmon 300g

Salt1 tsp

Sugar1 tsp


White wine vinegar2 tbsp

Lemon juice½

Salt & pepperTo taste

SugarJust under 1 tsp

Olive oil3 tbsp

Dill1 sprig


Lemon (sliced)4 slices


Sprouted seeds of radish½ pack


① Mix the salt and sugar together and rub the mixture into the salmon, wrap the salmon in plastic wrap and

chill in the fridge for about an hour.

② Mince the dill and thinly slice the onion.

③ Thinly slice the radish and chop away the roots of the sprouted seeds of radish and divide it into two


④ Rinse ①in cold water, remove all the moisture with paper towels and slice it in easy to eat portions.

⑤ Lay out ② and the lemon slices in a deep tray, lay out the salmon ④on top, pour over the marinade, wrap

the tray and chill in the fridge for about half an hour.

Serve ③ and ⑤ on a plate.

Seared Norwegian Salmon Steak with Sour Cream Sauce

Refreshing and tasty with a sauce with pickles

Ingredients Serves 4

Norwegian salmon150g x 4

Salt1 tsp

Black pepper½ tsp

Olive oil2 tbsp

<Sour cream sauce>

Sour cream80g

Cucumber pickles (minced)1

Milk2 tbsp

Parsley (minced)½ tsp

Paprika (red & yellow)½ each


Zucchini ½

Olive oil2 tbsp

Salt½ tsp

Pepper¼ tsp

Flat leaf parsley¼ sprig


① Season the salmon with salt and black pepper and lightly sear the outside of the salmon in a heated

frying pan.

② Mix together the ingredients for the sour cream sauce.

③ Slice the paprika in large chunks, slice the eggplant and zucchini into full rounds, fry them in olive oil and

season with salt and pepper.

④ Serve the salmon ① on a plate with ② and ③ and garnish with parsley

Norwegian Salmon with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Enjoy the richness with a simple sauce

Ingredients Serves 4

Norwegian salmon 300g

<Tomato sauce>

Tomato1 large

Garlic1 clove

Onion (minced)2 tbsp

Lemon juice½ tbsp

Extra virgin olive oil4 tbsp


Basil3 – 4

Salt1/3 tsp

Black pepper1/5 tsp


① Thinly slice the salmon.

② Remove the skin and seeds of the tomato and mince. Grate the garlic.

③ Dice the avocado into small pieces.

④ Put ② in a bowl, add the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil and blend well. Season

with salt and pepper, mix in the basil (torn) and ③.

⑤ Serve the salmon (1) on a plate and pour (4) on top.

 Refreshing Chirashizushi of Norwegian Salmon

Perfect marriage of tasty salmon and refreshing pickles

Ingredients Serves 4

Norwegian salmon200g

<Wasabi Soy Sauce>

Soy sauce2 tbsp

Wasabi1 tsp +

Rice 2 cups

Kombu1 sheet (3 x 4cm)

Sushi vinegar60ml

White sesame seeds3 tbsp

Shiso5 leaves

Cucumber and eggplant1 each

Salt1 tsp

Sweet pickled ginger40g


Sugar1 tsp

Cooking oil2 tsp


① Put the rinsed and drained rice in the rice cooker, add the required amount of water and cook

together with kombu.

② Cut the salmon into bite-size pieces and marinate them in wasabi soy sauce (10 – 20 min.)

③ Slice the cucumber into small chunks and sprinkle with salt. Thinly slice the eggplant, soak in water to

remove the bitterness, drain and salt. Let it soften just as the cucumber.

④ Drain ③ of water and mix them with minced sweet pickled ginger.

⑤ Julienne the shiso leaves and soak in water.

⑥ Heat the cooking oil in the frying pan, pour in ⑤ to make scrambled eggs.

⑦ Once the rice has cooked, blend in the sushi vinegar, white sesame seeds, ④and ⑦and sprinkle

with the salmon ②and drained shiso leaves.

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