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IMSI Organization (Updated 1/14/08). Incident Management Systems Integration (IMSI) Division. IMSI oversees incident management policy by maintaining, revising, and disseminating the NIMS and NRF, and related materials. IMSI – Director’s Office.

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Imsi organization updated 1 14 08 l.jpg
IMSI Organization (Updated 1/14/08)

Incident management systems integration imsi division l.jpg
Incident Management Systems Integration (IMSI) Division

  • IMSI oversees incident management policy by maintaining, revising, and disseminating the NIMS and NRF, and related materials

Imsi director s office l.jpg
IMSI – Director’s Office

  • Oversees the implementation, review, and revision of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), National Resource Management and Credentialing System, and the National Response Framework (NRF)

  • Develops NIMS implementation requirements in conjunction with PPPA

  • Oversees doctrine and management of publications system for the NRF, NIMS and Resource Management

  • Oversees performance and budget management for IMSI

Imsi resource management branch l.jpg
IMSI – Resource ManagementBranch

  • Develops national system of guidelines, protocols and standards for NIMS implementation of resource management and credentialing

  • Develops resource typing and credentialing methodology

  • Promotes mutual aid

Standards technology branch l.jpg
Standards & Technology Branch

  • Integrates the incident management science and technology needs of various departments, agencies, private and nongovernmental organizations with the national R&D agenda

  • Manages, coordinates and implements preparedness technology transfer and evaluation programs to include:

    • CEDAP (Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program

    • SAVER (Systems Assessment & Validation for Emergency Responders

    • RKB (Responder Knowledge Base)

  • Coordinates and promotes compatibility among national level standards for the NIMS and for emergency responder equipment

Imsi doctrine publications system branch l.jpg
IMSI – Doctrine & Publications System Branch

  • Establishes National Response Framework (NRF) doctrine for the nation

  • Establishes a publications system for all NIC doctrine to include training, exercises, NRF, NIMS and resource management

  • Establishes Joint Field Office (JFO) Doctrine

Imsi training implementation outreach coordination branch l.jpg
IMSI – Training, Implementation & Outreach Coordination Branch

  • Coordinates NIMS, NRF, and resource management training and outreach and NIMS implementation for all emergency management stakeholders nationwide to include FEMA Regions

  • Implements National Training Plan in conjunction with EMI, CDP, TEI and other internal/external training stakeholders

Other issues l.jpg
Other Issues Branch

  • Discussion underway with NCRC to incorporate credentialing identification assets into the IMSI Resource Management Section

  • Discussion underway with Preparedness Policy, Planning and Analysis to incorporate Technology Support Functions into NIC by linking with IMSI Standards and Technology Section (These functions include equipment testing, evaluation and validation; technology consultation, and standard coordination)