fruit and vegetable opportunities at the arizona department of education
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Fruit and Vegetable Opportunities at the Arizona Department of Education

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Fruit and Vegetable Opportunities at the Arizona Department of Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fruit and Vegetable Opportunities at the Arizona Department of Education. Jessica Creed-Capsel Director of Food Distribution, DOD Fresh Produce, Farm to School, and School Gardens (602) 542-8781 or Objective.

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Presentation Transcript

Jessica Creed-Capsel

Director of Food Distribution, DOD Fresh Produce, Farm to School, and School Gardens

(602) 542-8781 or


To educate you on the programs available through the ADE that can help bring fruits and vegetables into Arizona schools.

  • USDA Foods
  • DOD Fresh Produce
  • FFVP
  • Farm to School
usda foods
USDA Foods
  • Participants of the National School Lunch/Breakfast Programs
  • Makes up 15-25% of school lunch
  • Protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables (fresh, canned, and frozen, dried) – 180 different items
usda foods1
USDA Foods

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Over $326 million in 2010
  • Canned fruit – always extra light sucrose; unsweetened applesauce
  • Canned vegetables – 140mg of sodium or less
  • Fresh options available
  • New items for 2011-12 ** Dried fruit mix, figs, fresh apples
usda foods2
USDA Foods
  • Schools purchase these foods using USDA entitlement dollars, not out-of-pocket dollars
  • Program is customer driven
  • Arizona received $26 million in USDA Foods entitlement for school year 2011-12
    • 25% Fruits and Vegetables
    • 22% Beef
    • 11% Chicken
    • 22% Cheese
usda foods in arizona
USDA Foods in Arizona

Arizona’s USDA Foods for school year 2011-12

  • Vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, peas, corn, tomatoes/tomato sauce, black-eyed peas, salsa
    • Beans: green, turtle, pinto, kidney, garbanzo, refried
  • Fruits: apples, oranges, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, pears, fruit mix, figs, raisins
arizona nutrition network usda foods
Arizona Nutrition Network & USDA Foods
  • Promote the use of USDA Foods in the schools you work with
  • Provide nutrition education around the types of fruits and vegetables the school receives via USDA Foods
  • Encourage schools to choose the healthiest USDA Foods
department of defense fresh produce program
Department of Defense Fresh Produce Program


  • 1993 – piloted in eight states ($3.2 million)
  • Partnership between DOD Troop Support & USDA
  • Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 sets aside $50 million/year to support the program in all participating states including US territories
dod program overview
DOD Program Overview
  • USDA Entitlement Dollars
    • Used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables
      • Supplement where USDA Foods cannot provide fresh
    • All American grown produce
    • Purchase through a single distributor
      • Stern Produce
        • - Sign a long term contract with the DOD Troop Support to provide service to schools and military bases
        • - Responsible for procurement, storage and distribution using commercial industry practices
dod fresh in arizona
DOD Fresh in Arizona

Arizona –

  • 2010-11 received $1.35 million (32 schools)
    • End of year balance was $0.25
  • 2011-12 received $2.5 million (50+ schools)

Entitlements range from $700 - $250,000

benefits of dod fresh produce
Benefits of DOD Fresh Produce
  • Offer fresh fruits and vegetables for school lunches/breakfast
  • Receive weekly deliveries of only the amounts ordered
  • Door-to-Door delivery direct to warehouse, kitchen, or school sites
  • Schools purchase these foods using USDA entitlement dollars, not out-of-pocket dollars
  • Local produce options
how to get on the program
How to get on the program
  • Participate in the National School Lunch Program
  • Participate in the USDA Foods Program
  • Contact ADE’s Food Distribution team
    • Open enrollment
    • No minimum Free/Reduced %
    • Must have available entitlement
    • Must spend your money!
arizona nutrition network dod fresh produce program
Arizona Nutrition Network & DOD Fresh Produce Program
  • Promote the DOD Fresh to schools
  • Encourage schools to participate and to maximize their DOD entitlement dollars
  • Encourage variety in their DOD purchases
background of ffvp
Background of FFVP
  • Pilot Program began in 2002 -2003 school year
    • 4 states and 1 ITO
  • 2004 National School Lunch Act
    • 4 additional states and 2 ITO’s
  • 2006 Appropriations Act
    • 6 additional states
background of ffvp cont
Background of FFVP (cont.)
  • Farm Bill became law on May 22, 2008
    • Amended NSLA by adding Section 19, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
    • National program in 50 states
    • $49.9 million for the 2008-2009 school year
program goals
Program Goals
  • Goals of FFVP
    • Create healthier school environments by providing healthier food choices
    • Expand the variety of fruits and vegetables children experience
    • Increase children’s fruit and vegetable consumption
    • Make a difference in children’s diet to impact their present and future health
  • 2011-2012 school year, Arizona was awarded $3,162,258
  • USDA requires states to allocate $50-$75 per student, per school
  • Arizona allocated $52.67 per student
  • Reimbursement program
    • Use it or lose it
program regulations
Program Regulations
  • What can be served?
    • Fresh fruits
    • Fresh vegetables
  • Encourage children to enjoy produce in their natural state
program regulations cont
Program Regulations (cont.)
  • What can be served in limited amounts?
    • Vegetable dips (low-fat or fat free, yogurt based)
    • Cooked fresh vegetables (not canned, frozen or dried) that are part of a nutrition education lesson can be offered once a week
program regulations cont1
Program Regulations (cont.)
  • What cannot be served?
    • Processed or preserved fruits and vegetables (canned, frozen, dried or vacuum packed)
    • Dip for fruit
    • Fruit leather
    • Jellied fruit
    • Purchased freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice
    • Smoothies
    • Trail mix and nuts
    • Cottage cheese
    • Fruit and veggie pizzas
program regulations cont2
Program Regulations (cont.)
  • Who can have fruits and vegetables?
    • Students who normally attend your school (PreK - 8)
    • Head Start children
    • Split session kindergarten classes
    • School staff and parents if they are consuming with the students demonstrating behavior
program regulations cont3
Program Regulations (cont.)
  • Who cannot have fruits and vegetables?
    • Community members
    • Parents if students are not involved
    • School staff eating the produce alone
program regulations cont4
Program Regulations (cont.)
  • When can you serve?
    • Only during the school day but not during meal times
program regulations cont5
Program Regulations (cont.)
  • Where can you serve?
    • Classrooms
    • Cafeteria (not during meal times)
    • Playground/Recess
    • Offices
    • Hallways
    • Kiosks/Carts
    • Free vending machines
    • As part of nutrition education activities
nutrition education
Nutrition Education
  • Not required, but recommended
  • Nutrition Education materials are not reimbursable
  • ADE has partnered with Arizona Nutrition Network for materials
arizona farm to school
Arizona Farm to School
  • New venture for Arizona
  • Creating partnerships with agricultural agencies (AZ Dept of Ag, Farm Bureau, Cooperative Ext, Arizona farmers)
  • Partnering with DOD vendor, Stern, to offer local produce to DOD participants