Other textile and fashion products
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Other textile and fashion products. 전통 모자 Traditional hats. ( with silver threads). Bedspreads 침대커버. 부카라 카펫 Bukhara carpets. 4. Economic review of Uzbek textile industry. Industrial Sector 산업부문. The meaning of Textile Industry for Uzbekistan (1).

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Other textile and fashion products
Other textile and fashion products

전통 모자 Traditional hats

(with silver threads)

Bedspreads 침대커버

Bukhara carpets
부카라 카펫Bukhara carpets

Industrial sector
Industrial Sector 산업부문

The meaning of textile industry for uzbekistan 1
The meaning of Textile Industry for Uzbekistan (1)

  • opportunity to find a niche in the global market

    세계 시장에서 틈새 시장을 찾을 수있는 기회

    (5th largest producer and 2nd largest exporter of cotton in the world)

  • first steps toward a radical industrialization

    급진적인 산업화 향해 첫 걸음

International cooperation
International Cooperation국제협력

Korea: Daewoo Intl.

Korea: ShinDong

Singapore: Indorama

Swiss: Rieter

Turkey: Tekfen

Japan: Toyota

Germany: Oerlikon

and others.

Textile machinery suppliers
Textile Machinery Suppliers섬유 기계 공급 업체

  • Saurer (Switzerland) (스위스)

  • Zinser (Germany) (독일)

  • Schlafhorst (Germany) (독일)

  • Trutschler (Germany) (독일)

  • Rieter (Switzerland) (스위스)

  • BRI (USA) (미국)

  • Termah Sewing Machine (Malaysia) (말레이시아)

Investments 투자

  • Korea

  • Japan

  • Turkey

  • India

  • Germany

  • Swiss


  • Existence of own raw materials (cotton, silk, karakul, etc.)

  • Cheaper comparative prices for gas, diesel fuel, and industrial water.

  • Developed network of railway system

  • Cheap labor force 싼 노동력

Advantages 장점

  • The number of potential consumers (total population) is the highest among the Central Asian countries.

  • 중앙아시아의 나라들 중에서 잠재 고객(인구)이 제일 많다.

    * Annual population growth – 1.5~1.7%

    연 인구 증가율 – 1.5~1.7%

Advantages 장점

  • Cheap Comparative Price for IndustrialWater공업용수의 싼 비교비용

Disadvantages 단점

  • No access to the sea

    (Uzbekistan is a double-locked country)

  • Lack of an effective management

  • a certain quantity of the production must be sold inside the republic for domestic prices.

Educational system in our university
Educational System in our University

Educational system in our university1
제가 다니는 대학교의 교육제도 Educational System in Our University

Departments (대학)

  • Fine Arts

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Fashion Design

  • Arts study

The faculty of

Fashion Design

  • Study process. Project.

  • Work with fabrics on the mannequin.

  • (search for new forms and types of clothes)

  • Work with shirts on the mannequins.

Participation of students and graduates of the Department "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as Style.Uz

International Cooperation "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as


Our university had connections with universities from

이집트 Egypt

일본 Japan

한국 Korea

독일 Germany

이란 Iran

이탈리아등. Italy etc.


우리 대학교에서 교환학생 프로그램이 하나도 없다.

There is no any exchange programs.


탤런트가 있고 외국에 가서 다시 들어오지 않은 학생들은 많았다. 그래서 디자인 학생들을 일부러 외국으로 공부하러 더 이상 보내지 않다.

They don’t want to lose our talented designers, because many of them don’t come back to Uzbekistan.

Fashion industry in uzbekistan project dom stilya
Fashion industry "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as in uzbekistanProject “Dom Stilya”

Project dom stilya
Project “Dom "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as Stilya”

설립날자 (Foundation Day)

2003년 12월

December, 2003

설립자및 운영자(Founder and Operator)


(우즈베키스탄 대통령의 큰 딸)


(the oldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan)

Project dom stilya1
Project “Dom "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as Stilya”

purpose and activities:

  • association of the leading experts in the fashion industry in Uzbekistan: designers, stylists, craftsmen, andmasters of tailor business;

  • expanding the boundaries of national podium;

  • introduction of foreign visitors with the traditional approach

    and innovation of leading and emerging designers.

Activities and achievements "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as

Every year:

National Dress Festival

Youth show “Underground”

General Show from “Dom Stilya”

Style Uz fashion show


Activities and achievements "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as

In StyleUz Fashion Show - 2008 organized by “Dom Stilya” more than 100 famous designers and brands such as:

DSQUARED2 brand (이탈리아) Italy

Wolford (오스트리아) Austria

Revillon (프랑스) France

Guy Laroche (프랑스) France

Sisi Wasabi (독일) Germany

and many others joined the Show.

Kenzo andre raue gulnara karimova in uzbekistan style uz fashion show 2008
Kenzo "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as , Andre Raue, GulnaraKarimova in Uzbekistan (Style Uz Fashion Show-2008)

A prada g karimova antonio b uzbek culture party in spain 2011
A.Prada "Fashion Design" at festivals and fashion shows, such as , G.Karimova, Antonio B.(Uzbek Culture Party in Spain-2011)

Advisor of strategies development for the Fashion House Industry and its Future? Sisi Wasabi (Germany) says:

  • I was impressed by the work of the Uzbek designers and how they used national fabric.

  • Young fashion designers of Uzbekistan really skillfully combine emotional, traditional and modern.

Alena Industry and its Future? Akhmadullina (Russian Designer) says:

  • Fashion and Design Industry of Uzbekistan has a great future, because the national costume art of Uzbekistan has a rich history and tradition.

Presidential Adviser at College of Fashion and Design in Japan


a professor at Tokyo University,

Oda A. says:

  • Worldwide interest in the past and present of the Uzbek people is constantly growing.

  • The Uzbek national fabrics are distinguished by their originality.

French Designer, Frankie Meyer says:

… Uzbek fashion can compete with any country in the world.

Our leading designers

Our designers works
Our Japan Designers’ Works