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Review . In class review tomorrow – you will not be able to use any notes or write down the review. Look through your notes tonight so you are prepared. What was our first constitution called?. Articles of Confederation.

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In class review tomorrow – you will not be able to use any notes or write down the review. Look through your notes tonight so you are prepared

congress could under the articles
Congress could under the Articles:
  • Make treaties
  • Declare war
  • Coin money
  • Establish post offices
congress could not
Congress could not:
  • Tax
  • Draft for the military
  • Had no way of enforcing laws
  • Next to impossible to amend the Articles
under the articles
Under the Articles,
  • No President
  • No National Court System

States entered into a confederation

    • Each state was sovereign
    • Absolutely didn’t want another Great Britain.
    • Keep the states powerful and the federal government weak.

In shambles, entering a depression

  • Farmers couldn’t afford to pay their mortgage. Why?

They were sent to debtors prison

  • Stripped of their right to vote

Weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation

  • Shays’ Rebellion
    • Showed major weaknesses in the state’s constitution.
so we have the constitutional convention
So, we have the Constitutional Convention
  • Delegates meet in Philadelphia
    • Intention was to tweak the Articles
    • Realize that isn’t possible
    • Lots of conflict between the two groups
      • What are these two groups called?
federalist papers
Federalist Papers
  • 85 essays written to support the Constitution
  • Federalist 10 – James Madison
    • Wants a gov’t capable of controlling the violence and damage caused by factions
      • Groups of people that form to protect and promote their economic interests and political views
      • Factions are inevitable
      • Representative style gov’t would be best for controlling factions
you must know
You Must know
  • Anti Federalists – Wanted a Bill of Rights
  • Anti Federalists – favored the Articles; were willing to just tweak them
  • Feds wanted a strong central government
  • Feds felt like people’s rights were already protected under state constitutions
  • Great Compromise
    • Bicameral
    • House = Population
    • Senate = Equality
    • We see this today
3 5 compromise
3/5 Compromise
  • Slaves would count for 3/5 of a person for taxing and representation purposes
electoral college
Electoral College
  • President would be elected through the Electoral College
  • Disney Educational Productions: The Electoral College – YouTube
  • Electoral College 9 minutes - YouTube