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THE Key-word of TOM&JERRY. Friends Tom and Jerry always fight. But they are friend, ... and Jerry. sometimes helps Tom. So, they are Best friends!!! NOW ...

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What is TOM&JERRY? Hi,I’m Tom. TOM&JERRY is a very popular animation over the world!!! I’m Jerry. This is the story that a battle between Tom&me. But I always win!!

Slide 3:The History of TOM&JERRY

TOM&JERRY was not a TV animation. It was made as a cartoon first. This cartoon was directed by two cartoonists. Their name are William Hanna&Joseph Barbera. In 1937,”The Puss Get the Boot” ?the cartoon that the origin of TOM&JERRY? was presented.

Slide 4:In 1957, Hanna&Barbera organized “Hanna-Barbera Productions.” Hanna&Barbera got the Academy Award no less than SEVEN times!! Regrettably,Hanna died aged 90 in 2001, but Barberra is very active still now.

Slide 5:THE Key-word of TOM&JERRY

Cheese Talking of TOM&JERRY,many people will remember about a slice of cheese. Jerry likes it very much! Nap Tom likes taking a nap.Jerry always tries to eat food secretly while Tom is sleeping.

Slide 6:THE Key-word of TOM&JERRY

Friends Tom and Jerry always fight. But they are friend,actually. Tom never eats Jerry,and Jerry sometimes helps Tom. So, they are Best friends!!!

Slide 7:NOW···

TOM&JERRY is loved by people who live in 80 countries. In Japan,this animation is televised on Cartoon Network. (

See you again!!!

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