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IMAGINE AFRIKA. Concept for REALITY TV SHOW Presented by The African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (ABMP). THE YOU CAMPAIGN. Africans have grown tired of conventional AIDS messaging Aims to reinvigorate broadcast programming and

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by The African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (ABMP)

The you campaign l.jpg

Africans have grown tired of conventional AIDS messaging

Aims to reinvigorate broadcast programming and

re-engage audiences (particularly young people)

Promotes African pride and an optimistic vision of Africa

Establishes the goal of an HIV-free generation

Calls on all Africans, as individuals and collectively, to help realize the vision of an HIV-free generation

The platform l.jpg

50 radio and TV broadcasters across 30 countries

200 million potential audience

ABMP member companies provide airtime free, as well as personnel, production and other resources

Editorial proposition l.jpg

An entertaining, cutting edge, reality TV series to give substance to the YOU campaign and engage young Africans in dialogue about the importance of personal initiative and responsibility in achieving personal goals

And promoting the vision of a better future for Africa and an HIV-free generation

The series genre l.jpg

  • “Imagine Afrika” is an entertaining, informative social reality TV show that is youthful, authentic, challenging and inspiring, rooted in the real Africa but with a global outlook

  • By focusing on the real world experience of young African achievers who have risen above the limitations of their circumstances, it motivates African youth and promotes the vision of a better future for Africa

Objectives l.jpg

  • Promote personal initiative, better health and sexually responsible behaviour through the example of young African role models, and by improving communication about difficult issues like relationships, sex and substance abuse among young people and with adults

  • Instill African pride, celebrate African accomplishment, and promote self-esteem and leadership among African youth by engaging audiences in the possibility of a better future and an HIV-free generation through personal initiative.

  • Initiate discussion and mobilize communities across the continent to focus on and begin addressing the primary drivers of HIV infection such as gender inequity, sexual coercion and violence, stigma and lack of hope for the future

  • Establish continent-wide recognition for the YOU brand and positive associations that help enhance the campaign’s efforts to re-energize Africa’s fight against HIV/AIDS.

Series format notes l.jpg

13 x 24 minutes plus a 48 minute World AIDS Day special

3 teams of 4 members each competing over tasks developed and assigned by the producers of the series located across five countries

Music, fashion, youth culture and icons celebrated through the series

Competition is non-elimination: no-one voted out; no-one leaves the challenge

Style and feel l.jpg

Visual design reflects the youthful, cutting edge content that is wired, connected and has growing worldliness

The look celebrates Africa’s textures and sounds, symbols, landmarks and internationally recognized design elements

“It Begins With YOU” embraces mobile technology, virtual space and the digital age which drives the knowledge economy and will inform Africa’s destiny

Technology l.jpg

“Imagine Afrika” uses digital mobile technology and broadband applications (internet) as a seamless part of the overall competition to portray a technically savvy African youth that is wired, plugged-in and informed by global trends

Conclusion l.jpg

By creating the first truly pan-African TV broadcast series that looks at this continent through the eyes of young motivated African achievers “It Begins With YOU” will inspire Africans across the continent to believe in and work for the vision of a better, HIV-free future for Africa