The Schizophrenic State of Tobacco Control in the Philippines
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The Schizophrenic State of Tobacco Control in the Philippines . Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION OF MALARIA PHILIPPINES (Based on 10-year Ave, 1991 – 2000). Category A Provinces 25 Provinces more than 1000 cases/year or situation worsened .

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The Schizophrenic State of Tobacco Control in the Philippines

Republic of the Philippines


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(Based on 10-year Ave, 1991 – 2000)

  • Category A Provinces

  • 25 Provinces

  • more than 1000 cases/year

  • or situation worsened

  • Category B Provinces

  • 22 Provinces

  • 100 to 1000 cases/year

  • Category C Provinces

  • 18 Provinces

  • less than 100 cases/year

  • Category D Provinces

  • Provinces that are already

  • malaria-free (no more

  • indigenous cases for

  • at least 3 years)

Source: Malaria Control Program, 2000

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The Situation Philippines

High mortality and morbidity

rates from tobacco-related disease

  • Increasing prevalence for tobacco

  • use among children and women

- Limited government resources for

tobacco-related diseases

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Tobacco is Philippines

sold by single

sticks on the

streets by child



production and

sale is a source of

income for poor



tycoons are

politically well-

connected to members

of the legislative and

executive branches

of government


industry is


The Supply of Tobacco

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Tobacco Philippines

advertising is a

major source of

income for the

broadcast and

print media

Entertainment industry “glamorizes” tobacco

Culture of


inhibits non-smokers

from demanding a




political leaders are smokers

The Demand for Tobacco

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The Schizophrenic State Philippines

  • Voted for the ratification of the FCTC

  • Enacted Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003

  • & Excise Tax Law of 2005

  • Updated local ordinances against

  • smoking – Makati, Davao,

  • Mandaluyong, etc.

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The Schizophrenic State Philippines

  • Health professionals smoke in front of their patients – 1 out of 3 MDs

  • National Tobacco Authority looking for alternative uses of tobacco

  • Department of Trade & Industry chairing the IAC for Tobacco Control

  • Department of Education accepts money for schools & lauds Phillip Morris for Youth Smoking Prevention Program

  • OP inaugurates a Phillip Morris plant

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The Shift in Strategy Philippines





Public Empowerment For Policy Change

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The Old Strategy Philippines

- Focus on educational

programs for children

in schools

- Promote healthy lifestyle

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The New Strategy Philippines

  • Aggressively mobilize a constituency to support the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, the Excise Tax Law of 2005 and local tobacco control legislation

- Use the FCTC to buttress national tobacco control policies

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The six components of the ntcp l.jpg
The Six Components of the NTCP Philippines

- Media, Advocacy & Promotion

- Smoking Cessation Program

- Epidemiologic Surveillance & Research

- Education Program

- Economic Alternative Program for Tobacco Farmers

- Legislation/ Public Policy Development

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Media, Advocacy & Promotion Philippines

  • There is no such thing as industry vv health “balance”

  • Blacklist agencies, organizations, companies, individuals associated with tobacco industry

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Media, Advocacy & Promotion Philippines

- Case find patients cum victims of exposure to tobacco for litigation

Smoking cessation program l.jpg
Smoking Cessation Program Philippines

- Set up smoking cessation clinics in all government retained hospitals & major medical centers

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Surveillance & Research Philippines

Global Youth Tobacco Survey

Health Professionals’ Tobacco Survey

Burden of Illness Studies

Packaging & Labelling

Tobacco Industry Activities

Monitoring of Implementation of Tobacco Regulation Act, Excise Tax Law, FCTC, Ordinances

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Education Program Philippines

- Integrate TC in medical/allied health professionals’ curricula

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Economic Alternative Program Philippines

- Abolish the National Tobacco Authority

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Legislation Philippines

TheTobacco Regulation Act provides for:

- prohibiting sale of cigarettes to minors

- banning smoking in public places such as schools, health facilities, public conveyances, food preparation areas, etc.

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Legislation Philippines

- banning of tobacco ads, sponsorships


ban ads on TV & radio – 1 jan 2007

ban ads on cinema & outdoor ads –

1 july 2007

ban ads on mass media advs –

1 july 2008

- warning labels

- economic alternative for tobacco farmers

Legislation public policy development l.jpg
Legislation / Public Policy Development Philippines

  • National

    Step up implementation of the Tobacco Regulation Act by the IAC, chaired by the DTI and vice-chaired by the DOH

  • Provide incentives to local governments & groups deputized to catch offenders & collect fines

Legislation public policy development23 l.jpg
Legislation / Public Policy Development Philippines

  • National

    - Push for implementation of the Excise Tax Law; plan to wisely spend monies earmarked for “disease prevention”

  • Increase levies to provide disincentives to ”sensitive”, perilous companies

Legislation public policy development24 l.jpg
Legislation / Public Policy Development Philippines

  • National

    Push for an issuance to declare:

    - Tobacco as a hazardous substance

    - Nicotine-containing products as

    prescription drugs

Legislation25 l.jpg
Legislation Philippines

B. International Treaty

- Invoke the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)

- a WHO initiative and international legal

instrument which will circumscribe

global tobacco consumption

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In Summary Philippines

  • Tobacco control is in a state of ambuguity & schizophrenia

  • It is incumbent upon health professionals to bring the true picture clearly into focus

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Thank You Philippines !