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Teacher: Mr. W. M. Grothus. The Course Organizer. Student:. Time: Drafting Quarter. Course Dates:. This Course: Drafting. abilities, aptitudes and interests associated with the wonderful world of Drafting. is about. Course Questions:. Why is it important to know about Drafting?

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Teacher: Mr. W. M. Grothus

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Teacher: Mr. W. M. Grothus


Course Organizer


Time: Drafting Quarter

Course Dates:

This Course: Drafting

abilities, aptitudes and interests associated

with the wonderful world of Drafting



Course Questions:

Why is it important to know about Drafting?

What is the application for today?

What skills do I need now and for the future?

How can this affect me and my present work?

In the future, how will this apply to me, my family and my country?

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Course Map

This Course: Drafting







Learning Rituals

Practice sheets, Class work, Magic squares, Homework, Non-graded homework, Extra credit options

Large group demonstration, Individual skill development, REAP, Summary, Assignment Notebook, Class Rules, QAR

Faith, Hope and Love


Neatness, Honesty, Serving Others, Truth, Teamwork, Respect of self and others, Collaboration, Caring, Citizenship, Fairness and developing a good

Work Attitude

Critical Concepts

Neatness, Measuring, Visualization, Attention to detail, thinking while doing, terminology, Skill development

2D to 3D


Sheet Metal Box

Learned in these



Title Blocks

Tool Usage

Orthographic Projection


Three-View Drawings

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