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Sport and Recreation Grant Funding Opportunities Sport and Recreation. 9 November 2009. Welcome. Background Levels of Support - An Overview Grass Roots Facilities Other sources of Funding. Our purpose.

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Sport and Recreation Grant Funding Opportunities Sport and Recreation

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Sport and Recreation Grant Funding Opportunities

Sport and Recreation

9 November 2009

Welcome l.jpg


  • Background

  • Levels of Support - An Overview

  • Grass Roots

  • Facilities

  • Other sources of Funding

Our purpose l.jpg

Our purpose

Facilitating the development of a vibrant, self managed, accessible and sustainable sport and active recreation system across the NT

Sport and recreation s role l.jpg

Sport and Recreation’s Role

  • To promote and provide a safe sporting and active recreational environment

  • To maximise involvement in sport and active recreation

  • To be actively engaged with our clients and other stakeholders

Funding support l.jpg

Funding Support

  • Peak Sport Organisations

  • Active Recreation Organisations

  • Active Remote Communities

  • Facility Development Grant Program

  • Grass Roots Development Grant Program

Hard facts l.jpg

Hard Facts

Grass Roots R1 2010

  • 94 applications requesting $253 552

  • Budget $90 000

  • 53 funded

Facilities 2009

  • 91 applications requesting $4 424 797

  • Budget $820 000

  • 37 funded

Facility development grant program l.jpg

Facility Development Grant Program

  • Assist in building new Sport and Recreation Facilities

  • Major Improvements to existing facilities

  • Funding of up to $50,000

  • Most organisations are eligible (Peaks,Clubs,Shires )

  • Applications open 30 November 2009 close 15 February 2010

  • Assessment process can be slow (this year grants announced in November)

  • Assessed by Sport and Recreation staff, final decision lies with the Minter

Developing your facility plan l.jpg

Developing Your Facility Plan

  • A strong board

    • succession planning to ensure the future of your sport or recreation activity

  • Organisational contribution

    • can’t just rely on government funding

  • Multi-purpose facility

    • who else could use it? Not just sports

  • Feasibility Study

    • Do we really need it?

  • Proper design and planning

    • what are the real challenges and costs?

  • Ongoing management and maintenance

    • how will we look after it

Government owned land l.jpg

Government owned land

  • Crown Lease in Perpetuity

    • Eligible for Facility Development Grant

  • Sport & Recreation assets

    • Not eligible for Facility Development Grant

    • Access to Minor New Works and Repairs & Maintenance allocation through lease agreements.

Think outside the square l.jpg

Think outside the square

  • North Melbourne Football Club

  • Worst facilities in AFL

  • $7m proposal was not going to deliver what was needed just for football

  • Redesigned over 2 years for $15m facility providing:

    • Football facilities (admin, gym, theatrette)

    • Community indoor gym

    • Community outdoor basketball club

    • Community learning centre

    • State Headquarters for Fencing!

  • Secured $13m funding from multiple sources

North melbourne football club l.jpg

North Melbourne Football Club


Multipurpose court

Learning centre

Community change rooms

Community gym

Outdoor court

Fencing Headquarters

Football Administration

Grass roots development grants l.jpg

Grass Roots Development Grants

  • Emphasis is to resource and support grass roots initiatives

  • Provides funding for one-off new and innovative projects

  • Applications can be for a maximum of $3,000 funding

  • There is no guarantee that the organisation will get the total amount requested

  • Offered in two rounds per financial year (can only receive funding once per annum)

  • Open now, close 3 December 2009

Who can apply l.jpg

Who Can Apply?

  • Northern Territory based Sport and Recreation clubs, groups, service deliverers

  • Shires, Municipal councils

  • Incorporated sport and recreation clubs and organisations; and

  • Unincorporated local sport and recreation organisations through a sponsoring incorporated body.

Eligible projects l.jpg

Eligible projects

  • Come and Try events

  • Projects targeted at new member groups

  • Inaugural events

  • Training to assist organisations to target new groups or develop new services

  • Assistance to become an incorporated organisation

  • One-off travel for remote community teams to participate in community based sporting carnivals

  • New resources to enhance existing programs

  • Protective/ safety equipment needed to participate in activities

Examples l.jpg


  • Activity session for children to allow parents to participate in Come & Try Day

  • Signage to advertise a members drive event (signage reusable annually)

  • Replacement of first aid kits

  • Shade Sails for club facilities

  • BBQ to enable further fundraising

  • Replacement bowling machine to replace dangerous equipment

  • Smaller sized lawn bowls to encourage juniors

Ineligible projects l.jpg

Ineligible projects

  • Membership fees

  • Wages and salaries

  • Travel for teams or individuals to state or national competitions or carnivals

  • Trophies, clothing items, prizes and other items that could become personal items

  • Food items

  • Computers (including laptops) cameras

  • Uniforms

  • Accommodation

Be sure to include l.jpg

Be sure to include

  • Outcomes

  • Project Plans

  • Timeframes

  • Organisational contribution (money/time/people)

  • Other sources of funding

  • Cost/quotes

  • Equipment required

  • Convince us!

Feedback document l.jpg

Feedback Document

Discuss Hand Out

How to apply l.jpg

How to apply

  • Prescribed form (Available online & handout)

  • Hand written or typed is OK

  • Hard copy must be post marked or received at a Sport and Recreation Office by Thursday 3 December.

  • Scan/email a copy of form to your contacts within Sport and Recreation

  • MUST be signed by appropriate officers

  • If you are going to FAX, please call the office to ensure we have received it.

Assessment process l.jpg

Assessment Process


received and










Advice to




Useful resources l.jpg

Useful Resources

Sport and Rec website

All S&R funding opportunities listed


List of all government grant opportunities!

Our Community

$50 pa to subscribe to a funding notification service

Food for thought l.jpg

Food for thought

  • Crawford Report

  • Government funding is arbitrary

    • opportunities today may not be provided tomorrow

  • Diversity of funding

    • no more than 30% from any one source

    • 6 pillars of fundraising

  • More than just sport: social inclusion, health, education

  • Innovative thinking costs nothing

  • Passion is free

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THANKS!!!Discussion time…..

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