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Industrial CO 2 capture using a natural process

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Our atmosphere is warming up - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industrial CO 2 capture using a natural process. Our atmosphere is warming up. One more type of air pollution Toxic gas pollution (acid rain) Industries, local impacts Ozone layer depletion (CFC) Industries and households, regional impacts Air temperature is rising (Greenhouse gases)

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our atmosphere is warming up
Our atmosphere is warming up
  • One more type of air pollution
    • Toxic gas pollution (acid rain)
      • Industries, local impacts
    • Ozone layer depletion (CFC)
      • Industries and households, regional impacts
    • Air temperature is rising (Greenhouse gases)
      • Industries, transports, agriculture, homes, individuals
      • Global impacts on nature and humans
  • Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
    • Carbon dioxyde (CO2)
    • Methane (CH4)
    • N2O, HFCs, SF6 and other synthetic gases
    • Water vapor (H2O), non anthropogenic
nature is hurt by climate change
Nature is hurt byClimate Change
  • Nature itself wants to negotiate
  • CO2 is the most abundant GHG

NEW !! Nature can help human beings

    • To capture and sequestrate CO2
    • In order to slow down global warming
  • Sustainable Development technologies
    • Alternative to reduce the amount of GHG emitted in the atmosphere
nature does capture co 2
Nature does capture CO2
  • Forests inhale atmospheric CO2
    • Not enough trees for man-made CO2
  • CO2 capture in human muscles
    • Cellular CO2 transformed into bicarbonate
    • Carbonic anhydrase enzyme
  • A new industrial bio-catalyst
    • Genetically engineered enzyme
    • Allows industrial CO2 capture
a powerful bio catalyst manufactured through genetic engeneering
A powerful bio-catalystmanufactured through genetic engeneering

C1374H2600N368O652S7 - Zn

Human Carbonic Anhydrase type II

(267 amino-acids)

massive co 2 capture
Your Car

Sensible driving


Switch fuel


Catalytic muffler


Hybride car


An Industrial Plant

Fine tuning


Switch fuel


CO2 capture


New design


Massive CO2 capture
a successful demonstration
A successful demonstration
  • CO2 capture at a large municipal waste incinerator (Quebec City)
  • CO2 Solution’s Industrial prototype
    • 5 weeks non-stop, 7/24
    • 50% CO2 capture
    • Permanent sequestration
  • Sound basis for larger scale-up
co 2 solution inc offers an innovative alternative
CO2 Solution Inc. offers an innovative alternative
  • CO2 gas is converted into an unharmful aqueous by-product, inside the reactor
  • Low energy process
  • Captured Carboncan be recycled
sustainable development
Sustainable Development
  • CO2 Solution’s bio-catalysis treatment unit:
    • instantaneously converts harmful CO2 gas
    • into unharmful bicarbonate ion (HCO3--) solution

Offers flexible alternatives for CO2 sequestration

Fossil carbon for energy production can be reused for chemicals

industrial co 2 capture
Industrial CO2 Capture
  • Clean Energy production
    • Coal thermal plants - electricity
    • Natural gas reformers – hydrogen
    • Boilers for industrial processes – fossil carbon dependancy
  • Industrial process CO2 emissions
    • Lime factories
    • Steel furnaces
    • Cement kilns
    • Biogas – « waste to energy »
at the end of the process
At the end of the process

CO2 capture system

co 2 solution s bio catalysis
CO2 Solution’s Bio-catalysis
  • Technology platform combination
    • Genetic engineering – bio-catalyst
    • Large scale biochemistry process
    • Traditional gas purification technologies
  • The power of bio-catalysis
    • Low cost catalyst manufacture
    • High CO2 conversion rate
    • Bio-catalyst durability
biochemical co 2 capture
Biochemical CO2 capture
  • First commercially available biochemical process
  • Overcomes chemical catalyst limitations
  • A sustainable development technology

CO2 Solution inc. offersA powerful tool for adressingclimate change challenges

co 2 solution inc
CO2 Solution Inc.
  • Contact:

Jo Lanoë

Vice president,

business development

CO2 Solution Inc.

2300, rue Jean-Perrin

Quebec, QC, G2C 1T9Canada

(+1) (418) 842-3456, ext. 203

CO2 Solution, a partner of choicein climate changes