Household Hazardous Waste
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Household Hazardous Waste in New Hampshire What is HHW - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Household Hazardous Waste In New Hampshire. Marc Morgan HHW Program Coordinator. CORROSIVE. REACTIVE. What is HHW?. Unwanted homeowner products that have the same qualities as a hazardous waste described in NH Hazardous Waste Rules. What are We Talking About Here?.

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Household Hazardous Waste

In New Hampshire

Marc Morgan

HHW Program Coordinator

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What is HHW?

Unwanted homeowner products that have the same qualities as a hazardous waste described in NH Hazardous Waste Rules

What are we talking about here l.jpg
What are We Talking About Here?

  • Just look under the sink

  • Cleaners

  • Lubricants

  • Paint

  • Drain Openers

  • Pesticides

  • Fertilizers

What is the big deal l.jpg
What is the BIG deal?

Small Quantities… Big Problems

  • Causes leachate problems in LFs

  • Causes emission problems in incinerators

  • Fires in transfer stations

Homeowner vs business l.jpg
Homeowner vs. Business

Homeowners are exempt from the HW rules; HHW is “Solid Waste”

Can throw in the trash ... it’s legal (but not OK).

Businesses are HW generators;

must obey the HW rules.

Can NOT throw in the trash

Silly question what is a home l.jpg
Silly Question: What is a Home?

  • Single and Multiple Family Residences

  • Motel and Hotels

  • Bunkhouses

  • Ranger Stations

  • Crew Quarters and Campgrounds

  • Picnic Grounds

  • Day Use Recreation Areas

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Homeowners Can Trash It … What’s the Problem?

  • Safety issue for you … ICRT

  • Contaminates your landfill/groundwater

  • Dangerous concoctions

Can i collect hhw yes you can l.jpg
Can I collect HHW?YES you can!

You will be considered a generator

You must follow the HW Rules

  • You probably already do!

  • Recycling of Household Paint

  • Universal Wastes

  • Use Common Sense!

How can you address the problem l.jpg
How Can You Address the Problem?

Have an HHW collection and/or collect paint and Universal Wastes every day

  • Get educated with training

  • Visit

  • Call 271-2047

  • Apply for a grant

  • Get technical assistance

  • Educate the public

The grant l.jpg
The Grant

  • Simple

  • One application

  • Once per year

  • Tiered per/capita rate to encourage commitment

    • $0.10-$0.25/capita

  • Must meet all requirements to receive grant

    (deadline, public education component, survey, submit paperwork, etc.)