The Scientific Revolution

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The Scientific Revolution

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3. Name the planets in the Solar System… How is the solar system organized? How do we know this?

4. Geo-centric v Helio-centric

6. Copernicus Studied at the Polish University of Krakow He believed the simplest explanation was the best “At rest, in the middle of everything is the sun” 1543

7. Brahe and Kepler Tycho Brahe Built a large observatory to study planetary motion Discovered a nova so the planets did not form impenetrable fields around the universe Comet was also observed in 1577 to further prove his point

8. Galileo Galilei

9. “New” Science By the 1650s the new science had increased in popularity Royal observatories, physicians colleges, and laboratories are built French Academie of Sciences created in 1666 English Royal Society created in 1662 Bacon wrote that science will be the savior of humanity Boyle challenged Aristotle on earth, air, fire and water Boyle’s Law: volume, temperature, and pressure of gas affect each other But one group is still not happy about all this “new stuff”…Any Guesses?

10. The Scientific Method A logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas

11. Bacon

12. Descartes

13. Sir Isaac Newton An English mathematician and physicist understand the composition of light develop calculus build a reflecting telescope Most importantly discovered the laws of motion and gravity All objects affected equally by the same forces Motion in the heavens linked with the motion on the earth God as the “clock-maker” – mechanistic universe

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