New Process for  Disability Management

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2. 2005

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New Process for Disability Management

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1. 1 New Process for Disability Management Presentation to RIT Employees By Human Resources June, 2006

2. 2 2005 – Focus on Disability Plan Design Effective July 1, 2005: Improved short-term disability plan Introduced cash-out for unused sick leave for nonexempt employees Replaced sick leave with salary continuation for exempt employees Grandfathered existing sick leave banks for all employees who had them on July1, 2005

3. 3 2006 – Focus on Disability Management Process Effective July 1, 2006: Unum Provident (UNUM) will provide expanded disability management services Unum is our carrier for short and long-term disability, as well as RIT’s life insurance program Employees will call Unum’s toll-free number to report absences (TTY available) Employees will still notify supervisor when absent Unum will coordinate paperwork with employee and physician to certify disability Unum will determine which absences qualify for designation under Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA)

4. 4 When Will Employees Call Unum On the 1st day of absence: For chronic illness (yours or a family member) For intermittent leave, including partial days, due to a serious health condition (yours or a family member) To care for your newborn child, or your newly placed adopted or foster care child. By the 3rd day of continuous absence: For your own disability or workers’ compensation To care for a family member with a serious health condition. * Workers compensation absences will be reported to but not managed by Unum

5. 5 Advantages for Employees More seamless and centralized process Removes HR and supervisor from middle Live person available 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday Quicker processing of benefits Ensure accuracy and consistency of FMLA designations & recordkeeping Responsibility for designating FMLA absence will move to a neutral 3rd party Confidentiality of personal information Remove manager responsibility for recordkeeping

6. 6 FMLA Basics Provides job protection to eligible employees for absence from work due to specified family & medical reasons. Eligibility Full and part time faculty & staff Worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12 months preceding the leave Completed 12 months of employment at RIT Excludes student employees and adjuncts

7. 7 FMLA Basics, cont. Up to 12 work weeks of unpaid leave during a 12 month period Paid leave substituted for unpaid leave (both run concurrently) – e.g. sick leave, salary continuation, STD, Workers’ Compensation, vacation.

8. 8 FMLA Basics, cont. Qualifying reasons for FMLA leave: Care of employee’s newborn child (within first 12 months following birth) Placement of child with employee for adoption or foster care (within first 12 months following event) Care of employee’s spouse, child or parent who has a serious health condition Inability of employee to perform one or more essential functions of their own job due to employee’s own serious health condition

9. 9 State Leave Laws Bone Marrow Donor Leave 24 work hours of leave Seek or undergo a medical procedure to donate bone marrow NY Witness or Victim Act Amount of leave is not specific Appear as a witness, consult with DA, exercise legal rights in connection with criminal procedure law or Family Court Act.9

10. 10 Leave Types/Frequency Full Leave that is continuous (e.g. 12 consecutive weeks) Reduced Schedule of leave that reduces the number of hours an employee works daily or weekly Intermittent Leave taken periodically and may be taken in increments as low as 1 hour.

11. 11 Certification: Serious Health Condition Six Serious Health Condition Categories under the FMLA Hospital Care Inpatient care Includes a period of incapacity and subsequent treatments Example: Overnight stay in a hospital Absence Plus Treatment Greater than 3 consecutive days of incapacity Plus treatment twice or once with a regimen of continuing treatment Example: Flu – if it meets the above requirements

12. 12 Certification: Serious Health Condition Pregnancy Period of incapacity due to pregnancy (severe morning sickness) Prenatal care appointments Chronic Conditions Requiring Treatments Periodic visits for treatment Continues over an extended period of time May cause periods of incapacity Examples: Asthma, diabetes, migraines

13. 13 Certification: Serious Health Condition Permanent/Long-Term Conditions Permanent/long-term period of incapacity due to a medical condition Continuing supervision of health care provider but need not be receiving active treatment Examples: Alzheimer’s, severe stroke Multiple Treatments Absence to receive treatments and recovery Restorative surgery after accident/injury or condition that results in incapacity greater than 3 days without treatment Examples: chemotherapy, dialysis

14. 14 FMLA & STD Eligibility FMLA STD 12 months service All employees 1250 hours worked in 12 months Unpaid Leave Paid Leave Federal Job Protection No federal job protection Maximum 12 weeks in rolling Maximum 180 consecutive 12 month period days (transition to LTD) Family or Medical Leave Medical leave only

15. 15 FMLA & STD Requirements FMLA STD Requires completion of medical Requires specific medical certification form by physician. information, such as: Does not identify specific test results medical information. diagnosis treatment plans If an employee is approved for If an employee is not STD, FMLA will be approved for STD, they are automatically approved based given the opportunity to on the STD information. provide certification to support their need for leave under the FMLA.

16. 16 Employer Obligations FMLA Notify the employee of their FMLA rights within 2 business days of becoming aware of the possible need for leave. Notify the employee when time is being counted under FMLA. Return employee to same or equivalent job upon return from leave. FMLA time is not included when taking disciplinary action for absences.

17. RIT’s Disability Management Program

18. Integrated Intake Overview

19. 19 The RIT Disability and Leave Management Line at UnumProvident

20. 20 The RIT Disability and Leave Management Line at UnumProvident

21. 21 Leave/Claim Intake Process

22. 22 Leave/Claim Intake Process

23. FMLA/State Leave Management Process

24. 24 FMLA/State Leave Management - Initial Response to Request for New Leave Within 2 business days of the leave request, the Leave Management Center will mail a packet to the employee containing: Notice of eligibility / ineligibility for FMLA / State leave For FMLA, this is based on length of employment and number of actual hours worked FMLA Rights & Responsibilities If eligible: Conditions of leave and employee obligations Medical Certification form if applicable Authorization form

25. 25 FMLA Certification Timeline for absences NOT being processed for disability Day 1 - Report of disability claim or family / medical leave Certification is due 15 days from the date of request Day 16 - Certification Reminder letter sent to employee if certification not submitted Certification due date extended 7 calendar days Day 23 - FMLA / State leave denial letter sent to employee if certification not submitted Incomplete certifications received are returned to employees with a certification due date extension Certification due date extended 7 calendar days from original due date or 10 calendars days from the date of incomplete letter, whichever is greater

26. Employee Responsibilities

27. 27 Employee Responsibilities Contact UnumProvident immediately to report family/medical leaves or Disability claims at 1-800-605-2802 (TTY# 1-800-887-2180). Notify supervisor of leave request Supply requested certification to UnumProvident within specified timeframes Provide UnumProvident with signed copy of Authorization to Release Information (disability claims only) Maintain periodic contact with UnumProvident and supervisor while on leave Notify UnumProvident and supervisor of any changes in return to work status or date

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