teacher advisory meeting with superintendent john barge
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Teacher Advisory meeting with SUPERINTENDENT John Barge

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Teacher Advisory meeting with SUPERINTENDENT John Barge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teacher Advisory meeting with SUPERINTENDENT John Barge. Monica Madden October 25, 2013. Salary Increases/Furloughs. Superintendent has taken cuts as well. Because of the charter amendment, Supt. o ffice has seen a 25% cut.

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salary increases furloughs
Salary Increases/Furloughs
  • Superintendent has taken cuts as well. Because of the charter amendment, Supt. office has seen a 25% cut.
  • There will be a pay increase next year (1-2%) because it was an election year. (Superintendent is running for Governor…He needs our vote!)
  • The state has not changed the amount of funds it pays of employee benefits. If insurance premiums are going up, it is an individualized district issue.
  • The State will NO LONGER pay for insurance for noncertified employees.
  • TKES evaluation should NOT be punitive and should look at GROWTH. Growth as a teacher should be looked upon also with the growth of his/her students in comparison with other students with the same characteristics.
  • Administrators have to be credentialed to evaluate.
  • Administrators need to be effectively trained (continuing to work on evaluator validity).
  • Evaluation process should be transparent (there are NO secrets with this process).
  • Evaluation process should be communicated as a growth tool. If it is not being communicated, the Superintendent will look into it.
  • Superintendent understands that the leadership in the building is a major reason behind some problems.
  • PARCC is gone, but there will be another PARCC like assessment.
  • Continue to access PARCC items in order to prepare our students for the type of test they will take. Rigor MUST be increased because the test expectations have changed.
  • Districts must have a plan in place for full online assessments.
  • GA is staying with Common Core (need consistency)
  • Vertical alignment for the CRCT and EOCT. Many students pass the 8th grade CRCT but lack prerequisites skills to pass the EOCT….How is that possible?
  • State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) has been available for 2 years. (Surprised that more teachers were not aware of the SLDS).
  • Great teacher resource, can track test scores for the last 7 years (can see the domains and standards).
  • Schools receive extra credit on CCRPI when accessing it.
  • Superintendent can see what you are looking at and accessing on this site.
  • 7 million dollars is available this year for technology.
  • Money will be made available in the form of a grant
  • Districts will have to apply for it. (Grants can be accessed online through the DOE website.)
  • 100 megs of internet will be given to every system by July 2015.