CDS System Overview and Installation Training
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CDS System Overview and Installation Training July 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CDS System Overview and Installation Training July 2009. CDS – Cellular Distribution System Improves cellular services in small to medium sized buildings. Works for 800-900 MHz and 1900 MHz frequency bands Easy to install 2U rack mount panel

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Presentation Transcript

New occ product overview

CDS – Cellular Distribution System

Improves cellular services in small to medium sized buildings.

Works for 800-900 MHz and 1900 MHz frequency bands

Easy to install 2U rack mount panel

Uses either RG6 (800-900MHz) or LMR400 (1900 MHz) low loss cables

New OCC Product Overview

Cds overview
CDS Overview

  • Provides improved cellular communications to buildings of poor service, where good service is available outside the building.

  • Applies structured cabling concepts to support wireless communications.

  • Uses Distributed Antenna Technology.

  • Voice, Data and 3G supported services.

Cds hardware
CDS Hardware

Installed CDS Panel

2U 19’’ Rack Mount &

Antenna Faceplate

Cds antennas
CDS Antennas

External Antenna /

Dual Band Internal Antenna

Faceplate Antenna

Broadband antenna
Broadband Antenna

  • Suitable for both 800-900 MHz and 1900 MHz applications.

  • Uses RF N-connector

  • Easily mountable in ceiling tile environment

What is a distributed antenna
What is a Distributed Antenna

  • Distributed Antennas Systems (DAS) use multiple antennas for a single radio.

  • DAS offer a distinct advantage of creating low loss signal pathways at specified locations.

  • Heavy Loss materials (metal walls, re-bar concrete) can be by-passed.

  • The 4 outputs from the CDS Panel and the faceplates are a distributed antenna.

Cds architecture
CDS Architecture

  • External Antenna (Omni directional or high gain).

  • Cable to the panel from the extern (low loss coaxial cable – 5 dB).

  • Panel with bi-directional signal booster (65 dB Gain (37.5 Uplink and 37.5 Downlink channels)

  • Coaxial cable to the faceplate. (30 dB Loss)

  • Faceplate antenna (Omni directional)

Install considerations
Install Considerations

  • Available Power Outside is proportional to Maximum Power Inside.

  • Multiple providers may share frequency band

  • Lower loss cable translates into increased coverage range.

  • Antennas are frequency dependent.

Dallas hugley 1 st tower
Dallas Hugley 1 Avenuest Tower

2 nd tower location dallas
2 Avenuend Tower Location Dallas

Cds install criteria
CDS Install Criteria Avenue

  • Cell Phone Coverage must be good at a locale where the external antenna can be placed.

  • CDS Panel must support one of the approved service providers.

  • May determine frequency band from your service provider in your region

Cds supported technologies

There are 3 Service Provider Bands in North America Avenue

824 – 896 MHz (Verizon, AT&T) CDMA

806 and 900 MHz (Nextel, Southern Link) TDMA

1840 – 1990 MHz (PCS providers)

Supports voice and data communications, as well as 3G phones (AT&T verified)

CDS Supported Technologies

3 step installation smp cds
3 Step Installation SMP CDS? Avenue

  • SMP CDS offers several distinct benefits:

    • Place the external antenna at an outside location with good service.

    • Install the internal antennas in proximity to areas where service is deficient.

    • Provide 120AC to the panel.

Cds silver spring beta test site
CDS Silver Spring Beta Test Site Avenue

  • Installed in Silver Spring, MD area.

  • 800-900 MHz Verizon and AT&T support.

  • Basement fill-in operational requirement in a 3 story building.

  • Installed October 2008

  • 7 Story building currently being cabled for CDS installation at new facility next door.