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TRANSPORTATION PLANNING 101. An Overview of the Basics - Requirements & Responsibilities. History & Program Overview. Program Authority - The Authorization Act The Eisehower Interstate Program (1957-1969) STURAA – 1987-1991 ISTEA – 1992-1997 TEA-21 – 1998-2003 SAFETEA – To Be Determined.

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transportation planning 101


An Overview of the Basics -

Requirements & Responsibilities

2003 MPO Conference

history program overview
History & Program Overview
  • Program Authority - The Authorization Act
    • The Eisehower Interstate Program (1957-1969)
    • STURAA – 1987-1991
    • ISTEA – 1992-1997
    • TEA-21 – 1998-2003
    • SAFETEA – To Be Determined

2003 MPO Conference

history program overview3
History & Program Overview

The Federal Highway Bill

  • Common name for the Authorization/Reauthorization Act
  • Multi-Year (usually 5 or 6 years)
  • Most continuing program provisions are incorporated into the United States Code, Title 23: Highways
  • Funded from the Highway Trust Fund
  • Revenues derived from user taxes – fuel, trucks & tires
  • Donor States – including Indiana – pay more into the Trust Fund than they receive
  • Establishes the upper limits of funds for each program over the life of the bill

2003 MPO Conference

history program overview4
History & Program Overview
  • The “Highway Bill” is not just a highway bill
  • Surface Transportation
  • Transit
  • Motor Carriers
  • And Other Programs such as Research & Safety

2003 MPO Conference

federal aid highway program
Federal-Aid Highway Program
  • The Authorization Acts are the primary instrument used to shape and direct/redirect the Federal-Aid Highway Program
  • These Acts (ISTEA, TEA-21) can:

Eliminate programs (federal aid system/funds)

Add programs (STP, CMAQ)

Modify program characteristics (I-4R to IM)

Modify requirements (state LRP’s; fiscal constraint)

Establish/Eliminate/Rename Funding Categories (Section 8/Section 5303; MA/MG)

2003 MPO Conference

federal aid highway program6
Federal-Aid Highway Program
  • The Appropriations Act - Annual legislation enacted by Congress that makes funds available for expenditure with specific limitations as to amount, purpose and duration
  • Allocations – funds that are not based on formulas (I.e. Interstate Construction; Bridge Discretionary)
  • Apportionments – funds that are based on statutory formulas (I.e. Bridge Replacement/Rehab; STP; CMAQ; NHS; IM)
  • Equity Funds – funds established for donor states & to ensure stability in funding amounts(I.e. MG)
  • Limitation on Obligations; Obligational Authority – annual action that controls the rate at which funds may be used; it does not change original apportionments or allocations

(limits vary annually per Appropriations Act & Budget Auth.)

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process
The Planning Process
  • 23 U.S.C. 134 – Metropolitan Planning (current)
  • Population Requirements – every urban area consisting of 50,000 or more people (as determined by the decennial census) must have an agency designated as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) that is charged with carrying out the provisions of 23 U.S.C. 134

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process8
Small MPO’s – agencies dealing with urbanized areas having populations of 50,000-200,000

Large MPO’s – agencies dealing with urbanized areas having populations over 200,000

Transportation Management Areas (TMA’s) – Large MPO’s in non-attainment areas

The Planning Process

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process9
The Planning Process
  • Urbanized Area – the urban area as designated by the Bureau of the Census + the area expected to be urbanized over the next 20 years
  • Rural Area – non-urbanized area
  • Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) – the urban and rural areas where the MPO has transportation planning jurisdiction and responsibilities

2003 MPO Conference

planning areas
Planning Areas

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process11
The Planning Process

System Performance

Traffic Models

Planning Process

Transportation Plan



2003 MPO Conference

the planning process12
The Planning Process
  • The Big Three
    • The Long Range Plan – currently a 25 year horizon to ensure an on-going 20 year program
    • The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) – currently a 3 or 5 year program of projects taken from the Long Range Plan
    • The Unified Planning Work Program – an annual document setting forth the transportation planning activities to be conducted by the MPO

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process13
The Planning Process
  • System Performance
    • Traffic Counts (HPMS, TMC), LOS, Delay, Accidents, Congestion
  • Models
    • TAZ’s, Land Use, Growth Trends, Traffic Counts, Lane Widths & Volumes, etc.

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process14
Planning Process

Technical Committee (stakeholders including INDOT)

Policy Committee

MPO Board

Public Involvement Processes



Web Sites


The Planning Process

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process15
Transportation Plan

Using the system performance information, the traffic model, and the planning process (public input and local approvals), projects and timelines are identified for both the state and local roads

Other elements are included as set forth in the federal regulations such as a bicycle and pedestrian component and fiscal forecasts

Updates every 3 & 5 years depending on MPO

The Planning Process

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process16
The Planning Process
  • A program of projects from the Transportation Plan
  • Reflects a 3 or 5 year program that can be updated annually and can be amended
  • Effective under the Federal Fiscal Year FFY Oct 1 through Sep 30
  • Fiscally constrained
  • Public participation policy

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process17
The Planning Process
  • UPWP
  • Includes a Cost Allocation Plan (CAP) setting forth direct, indirect costs
  • Annual accounting of activities and anticipated use of funds – PL, 5303, STP, TCSP
  • Agreements – MOA
  • Effective under the State of Indiana fiscal year - FY July 1 through June 30

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process18
The Planning Process

INDOT Overview

  • INDOT sets deadlines for TIP & UPWP
  • Provides annual dollar amounts for TIP & UPWP
  • Funding Policy – guarantee of STP to small MPO’s for TIP
  • Enhancement Committee for selection of projects on a statewide basis
  • PL Fund distribution per agreement - $50,000 sustaining + population; not subject to obligational limitation; allows for carry-over
  • 5303 Funds de-obligated annually

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process19
The Planning Process
  • Reimbursements
  • This is not a grant program
  • PO’s (annually per UPWP) and claim vouchers for 80% reimbursement for expenditures; can be quarterly, monthly; accountability for expenditures (time sheets, etc.)
  • Annual audits required

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process20
The Planning Process
  • MPO Agencies
  • Various compositions – local government, councils of government, transportation entities
  • Various responsibilities – planning & zoning, economic development, transit operators

2003 MPO Conference

the planning process21
The Planning Process
  • Partners
    • INDOT
    • FHWA
    • FTA
    • IDEM/EPA
    • DNR
    • DOC

2003 MPO Conference

thank you
Thank you



2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix
Acronym Appendix
  • A

ACR Annual Completion Report

  • B
  • C

CAP Cost Allocation Plan

CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality

  • D

DNR Department of Natural Resources

DOC Department of Commerce

DOT Department of Transportation

2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix24
Acronym Appendix
  • E

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

  • F

FHWA Federal Highway Administration

FRA Federal Railroad Administration

FTA Federal Transit Administration

FFY Federal Fiscal Year

FY Fiscal Year

  • G

2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix25
Acronym Appendix
  • H

HOV High Occupancy Vehicle

HPMS Highway Performance Monitoring System

HPR Highway Planning & Research

HTF Highway Trust Fund

  • I

IDEM Indiana Department of Environmental Management

I-4R Interstate Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Restoration, & Resurfacing

IM Interstate Maintenance

INDOT Indiana Department of Transportation

ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act

ITS Intelligent Transportation System

2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix26
Acronym Appendix
  • J
  • K
  • L

LOS Level of Service

LPA Local Public Agency

LRP Long Range Plan

  • M

MA Minimum Allocation

MG Minimum Guarantee

2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix27
Acronym Appendix
  • M – continued

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MPA Metropolitan Planning Area

MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization

  • N

NHS National Highway System

  • O
  • P

PL Planning Funds (currently 1%)

  • Q

2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix28
Acronym Appendix
  • R

RABA Revenue Aligned Budget Authority

RTP Recreational Trails Program

  • S

SAFETEA Safe, Accessible, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act

STIP State Transportation Improvement Program

STP Surface Transportation Program

STURAA Surface Transportation Uniform Relocation Assistance Act

2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix29
Acronym Appendix
  • T

TAC Technical Advisory Committee

TAZ Traffic Analysis Zone

TCSP Transportation & Community & System Preservation funds

TE Transportation Enhancement funds

TEA-21 Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

TIP Transportation Improvement Program

TMA Transportation Management Area

TMC Turning Movement Count

TP Transportation Plan (also referred to as LRP)

2003 MPO Conference

acronym appendix30
Acronym Appendix
  • U

UPWP Unified Planning Work Program

  • V
  • W
  • X
  • Y
  • Z

2003 MPO Conference