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Infomart. Agenda. Business processes for using InfoMart Taleo system processes Pre-Employment Process Go-Live Transition Job Aids and Help. Requisition Process Changes. Background check, drug screening, and MVR report packages have been tied to job codes.

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  • Business processes for using InfoMart

  • Taleo system processes

  • Pre-Employment Process

  • Go-Live Transition

  • Job Aids and Help

Requisition process changes
Requisition Process Changes

Background check, drug screening, and MVR report packages have been tied to job codes.

A package recommendation is available on the requisition based on job code.

Recruiter should review the recommendation with the Hiring Manager, and then select the correct package before posting.

No changes for Hiring Managers

Requisition process changes2
Requisition Process Changes

6 packages A-F

4 MVR choices for each DIV

Requisition process changes3
Requisition Process Changes

Screen capture here

Requisition process changes4
Requisition Process Changes

Screen capture here

Requisition process changes5
Requisition Process Changes

Screen capture here

Requisition process changes6
Requisition Process Changes

Screen capture here

Package selection business process
Package Selection Business Process

  • The package selected by the recruiter should never be a lower level package than the default from PS. As such, if the default package includes an MVR, an MVR should be run. The package may be bumped up to add an MVR if an exception applies.

  • If the recruiter feels the package is higher than necessary, the divisional compliance person should be contacted for approval:

Package selection business process1
Package Selection Business Process

  • In cases where there are exceptions to job codes that typically require driving (e.g. no driving for that job code in a particular market), the MVR would still be ordered based on the default for the job code.

  • If there are results requiring escalated review, the division compliance contact would uncover the exception during the review process and can make the call about whether to accept the person or not. This ensures no MVR checks are missed, though it may mean an MVR is run when it really isn’t necessary.

Bump up the package
Bump Up the Package?

  • Will a person in this position have a company car? I

    • If yes, MVR required with NONDOT1 criteria

  • Will a person in this position drive at least one day a week as part of his/her job?

    • If yes, in a company car, MVR required with NONDOT1 criteria

    • If no, MVR required with NONDOT2 criteria

  • If no, no MVR is required (note if the default package includes an MVR, the MVR should be run)

Internal candidates
Internal Candidates

  • We do not use the integrated Infomart system for internal applicants.

  • If a credit check or MVR is needed prior to making an offer, then you order the checks a-la-cart directly on Infomart’s website.

  • If the person passes the checks, then review the pre-offer checklist and proceed to offer.

  • If the person fails the checks, we change the applicant’s status to “No Longer Under Consideration.”

External candidates
External Candidates

  • External candidates can be processed using the integrated Infomart system

  • New pre-offer checklist in Taleo before moving to the Offer step.

Pre offer checklist
Pre-Offer Checklist

  • Department

  • Hiring Manager

  • Hiring Manager Assistant

  • Primary Location

  • Business location

  • Internal MVR and/or credit check complete, if applicable

  • Employment Screening enabled

  • Background check package

  • MVR criteria

  • Background check billing code

  • Job is posted to 2nd pass

  • Appropriate dispositioning of remaining candidates complete

Must check at least one item

Offer process
Offer Process


Extend e-Offer

Job Seeker

Offer process1
Offer Process


Candidate Accepts Offer

Email to Recruiter and Recruiting Coordinator

Job Seeker

Pre employment process

  • Change Step/Status

  • “Candidate Invitation”

  • (was Invite to Complete Pre-Employment Details)

Recruiting Coordinator

Job Seeker

Offer process for internals
Offer Process for Internals

For Internals, Taleo auto progresses the candidate to a new status of:


  • No Second Pass

  • Note: Credit or MVR check completed before offer made

Job Seeker

Second pass
Second Pass

  • New fields required by Infomart in Second Pass

Job Seeker

Second pass1
Second Pass

  • Suffix field is now required

  • Ability to add two pairs of previously used names (First and Last)

  • New field to specify a commercial driver’s license

  • Need an education start date

  • Graduation date is required

  • Adding salary frequency

  • Removing Certifications

Second pass2
Second Pass

  • Screen shots go here

Second pass3
Second Pass

  • Screen shots go here

Second pass4
Second Pass

  • Taleo sends the request to InfoMart

  • Candidate status changes to: Request to Vendor

Invite to schedule drug screen
Invite to Schedule Drug Screen

  • InfoMart invites the applicant to schedule drug screen

Job Seeker



  • No more manual ordering of checks for externals

  • New statues provide more information

  • New notifications keep you informed

  • New reports show who has not completed 2nd pass


  • Can’t see what checks are complete or outstanding

  • InfoMart responds when all checks are complete

  • TA can’t review or update 2nd Pass Info

  • When candidate submits, it goes straight to InfoMart

Integration errors
Integration Errors

Recruiting Coordinator

Successful integration
Successful Integration

  • Request Acknowledged

Recruiting Coordinator


  • Level 1 - Pre-Empoyment Cleared

  • Review Level 2

  • Review Level 3

Recruiting Coordinator

Level 1 pre employment cleared
Level 1 – Pre-Employment Cleared

Move to Applicant to Hire / Ready for Hire & Start Transitions for Onboarding

Recruiting Coordinator

Job Seeker


Applicant receives welcome email and hiring manager sends first day logistics email

Hiring Manager

Job Seeker

Candidate withdraws
Candidate Withdraws

Recruiting Coordinator

Job Seeker

Level 2 or 3
Level 2 or 3



Email sent to Recruiter, Rec Coord, TA Manager, & Compliance Officer

TA Manager

Recruiting Coordinator

Level 2 resolution
Level 2 Resolution

TA Manager

Recruiting Coordinator

Level 2 resolution1
Level 2 Resolution

Level 2 Drug or Criminal Record


Level 2 or 3 resolution
Level 2 or 3 Resolution

Level 1 - Pre-Employment Cleared

Hire/Ready for Hire

TA Manager

Level 4 process
Level 4 Process


  • Level 4 Status

TA Manager

Level 4 process1
Level 4 Process

  • Respond in 7 days

Job Seeker

Level 4 process2
Level 4 Process

  • No Longer Under Consideration

Recruiting Coordinator

Job Seeker

Level 4 process3
Level 4 Process

  • Send manual email to InfoMart

  • Change status to Hire/Ready for Hire

Recruiting Coordinator

Go live considerations
Go Live Considerations


  • Report that lists all requisitions and their status

  • Existing requisitions with offers follow existing process

  • ATG requisitions with offers will use First Advantage

  • Edit Existing Requisitions with no offers

  • New Requisitions follow new process

Existing requisitions with no offer
Existing Requisitions with No Offer

  • Update the requisition by doing the following:

    • Unpost the req

    • Put req on hold

    • Add TA Manager in Position Details section

    • Turn off FA checkboxes in Services section

    • Turn on IM checkbox in Services section

    • Set InfoMart package and billing code in Service section

    • Set travel field in Position Details if not already set

    • Set the Posting Instructions field in Position Details

    • Reactivate the req

    • Repost the req

Go live considerations1
Go Live Considerations


  • First Advantage only for Existing Reqs with Offers

  • Requisitions with multiple openings – close and reopen

Candidates currently in 2 nd pass
Candidates Currently in 2nd Pass

  • Candidates who are following the existing process (e.g, an offer was made prior to go-live) and complete 2nd pass after go-live will be auto-progressed into the Request to Vendor status, although the InfoMart integration will not send the background request to InfoMart since the requisition was not set up with the InfoMart employment screening checkbox turned on.

  • The recruiter/coordinator will still need to request the check via First Advantage or InfoMart as is done today. The candidate should be moved to Request in Progress status when the order has been submitted.



  • Q1. How will the process differ for Manheim Canadian positions?

  • Q2. What if the candidate is technically an internal candidate but does not have network access and therefore has to apply as an external, or is returning to the Cox family of business after being gone only 30 days or less, and no background check is required?

  • Q3. What if a candidate has a legitimate reason for not being able to take the drug test within 48 hours of the background check order being submitted to InfoMart?

  • Q4, How do I see the full details of the background check in InfoMart’s system?

  • Q5. What does the status “Partner didn’t respond with set time” mean?

  • Q6. How do I re-start a background request once an error has been resolved?

Job aids coxitm com
Job Aids –

  • Simulations for Online Help

  • Business Process Flowchart

  • Integration Error Messages

  • Screening Packages

  • Copy of Webinar PowerPoint

  • Recorded Webinar