Day and night why do we have them
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Day and night why do we have them? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Day and night why do we have them?. By E mma and A melia . Day and night.

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Day and night why do we have them?

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Day and night why do we have them

Day and nightwhy do we have them?

By Emma and Amelia

Day and night

Day and night

  • We have day and night due to the fact that the earth spins around every 24 hours so we have day and night because half the time we are facing (the day) and the other half we are not facing the sun meaning it is dark and is night time.



We have seasons because of the angle that the earth is at an angle of 23.5 degrees instead of it being straight .we also have seasons because of the way of the north and south pat of the moon and for it to be hot the light has to be straight so the heat is in a space but if it is at an incorrect angel it will still be light but the heat will be not as warm and this is because of indirect light.

How day and vary on other planets

How day and vary on other planets?

  • Day and night might change on other planets as it might not take 24 hours to go round on its axis as there days are different lengths like Mercury’s days are 58 day and 15 hours in our time.

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