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Presentation to Teacher Education Students about the Teaching Council and the process of registration (including Garda vetting). What’s this presentation about?. Professionally-led Regulation Role and Functions of the Teaching Council The NQT Registration Process

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What’s this presentation about?

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Presentation to Teacher Education Students about the Teaching Council and the process of registration (including Garda vetting)

What’s this presentation about?

  • Professionally-led Regulation

  • Role and Functions of the Teaching Council

  • The NQT Registration Process

  • Question and Answer Session

What is a Regulated Profession?

  • A regulated profession is responsible for

    • Entry standards and qualifications required to practice

    • Knowledge skills and competence required

    • Ethical standards and rules of conduct

    • Policing its own ranks

  • Hallmarks of a profession – skills, integrity, trust

  • Professional bodies are accountable to the public and are responsible for the standing of the profession as a whole

  • Professional bodies have different functions to unions


  • International trends towards professional and occupational regulation

  • Teachers, Unions, Parents, Management bodies, and others have looked for the establishment of a self-regulating body for teaching in Ireland for over 40 years.

  • Why? Ownership of the profession in the profession; maintain and enhance public trust

About Us

  • Set up and governed by Teaching Council Act, 2001

  • Established on 28 March, 2006

  • 37 members

    • 22 Teachers

    • 4 from Colleges, 4 School management

    • 2 Parents Associations, 5 Ministerial nominees

  • Committee Structure Registration, Education, Finance, Executive, Audit, Investigating & Disciplinary

Statutory Functions

Teacher Education

  • Review & Accreditation of Programmes of Teacher Education

  • Developing a Policy on the Continuum of Teacher Education

Registration Requirements

  • Teaching Council [Registration] Regulations

    • Introduced in November 2009

    • Superseded previous arrangements

    • NFQ Level 8 profession required from April 2013 – all sectors…

    • Teaching qualification required from April 2013 – all sectors…

  • Register of Teachers Established

    • 79,000 currently registered (Nov. 2012)

    • Almost 4,000 NQTs added each year

  • Registration

    • Full registration

      • when all registration requirements have been met

    • Conditional registration

      • where one or more registration requirements have not been met but the applicant is allowed onto the Register providing they remedy the shortfall within a specified period

    • Teaching Service Conditions

      • Induction, Probation or Post Qualification Employment (PQE)

    • Qualification Conditions (generally applied to those who qualify outside of Ireland)

      • Irish Language Requirement (primary), History and Structure of Irish Education System (post-primary)

    Condition of Induction

    • Induction takes place during that critical period at the beginning of the newly qualified teacher’s career

    • The Out of School Workshop Programme now mandatory for all NQTS

    • For further details:

    Condition of Probation (Primary)

    • All newly qualified primary teachers are registered with this condition

      • Service requirement – Minimum 100 days (2 x 50 or 1 x 100) teaching service (post qualification)

      • Professional Competence Requirement - satisfactory report from the Inspectorate

      • Form C- when the requirements have been met, the teacher completes and returns Form C to the Council.

    • Condition is removed when proof of Service and Competence requirements is received by the Council (i.e. Form C)

    Post Qualification Employment (PQE)(Post-Primary)

    • All newly qualified post-primary teachers are registered with this condition

      • Service - proof of minimum 300 hours teaching service

      • Form B – must be completed by the teacher and countersigned by the School Principal for each period of teaching service

    • Condition is removed when proof of 300 hours service is received by the Council (i.e. Form B)

    • Timeframe extensions may be granted in extenuating circumstances

    • The requirements of PQE can be met abroad

    Registration and Subjects (Post-Primary)

    • Subjects are determined at the time of registration based on degree transcripts meeting subject criteria – Not the ‘Autoquals’ list.

    • In most subjects the Council is seeking to establish that there is a minimum 54 ECTS Credits coverage of a curricular subject in the degree.

    • Applicants can take further subject modules to make up for any shortfalls that exist in the coverage of the subject in their degree.

    Registration Timeline for NQTs

    • Today

      • Complete the pink Consent Form and return it as per instructions given today

      • Allows your college to send us your details and results

    • Within the next month

      • Complete the blue Garda Vetting Form and post it to the Council ASAP.

      • Complete the yellowCharacter Reference Form and retain

    • July 2013(when you have passed your exams)

      • Teaching Council will invite you to register by sending you the NQT Registration Application Form

    • August 2013

      • Expect confirmation of becoming a Registered Teacher – congratulations!

      • With your Registration Number and Garda Vetting completed, you can be employed as a Registered Teacher.


    • Pink Consent Form - return it as per instructions given today

  • Character Reference Form – complete it ASAP and retain safely for submission with your NQT Registration Application Form

  • Vetting Application Form – complete it ASAP and send it to the Teaching Council.

  • Requirement to be registered and vetted for employment

    • Section 30 – The requirement to be registered

    • Circulars of the Department of Education and Skills

    Contact Details


    LoCall: 1890 224 224

    T: 01- 651 7900

    The Teaching Council,

    Block A, Maynooth Business Campus, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

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