28 steps to successful recruitment applications
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28 Steps to Successful Recruitment Applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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28 Steps to Successful Recruitment Applications. Child Plus & Recruitment Procedures. BEFORE YOU START IN ChildPlus. Step 1 Verify all documentation is available, and make copies Birth Certificate Shot Record Income Insurance/Medicaid

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28 steps to successful recruitment applications
28 Steps to Successful Recruitment Applications

Child Plus & Recruitment Procedures


  • Step 1 Verify all documentation is available, and make copies

    Birth Certificate Shot Record Income Insurance/Medicaid

    Medical Documents (Diagnosed Disability) Legal Documents

  • Step 2 Complete Declaration Page and follow the instructions Complete McKinney Vento Determination Questionnaire

    • Step 3 Look at income; decide whether you will use Income Eligible or Over Income Selection CriteriaFILL THIS OUT AT THIS POINT

      • If you have a child whose status is Foster or if the family has an open CPS case, you must complete the Foster Care & Children’s & Protective Services Form NOW.

  • Step 4 Add New Family

    • Step 5: Add Primary Adult

    • Complete the Following

      • Applicant-Non applicant

      • First Name

      • Last Name

    It will look like this

    Step 6: Hit Save & Close

    Found at bottom of screen

    If the person’s name matches with one already in the system the following screen pops up.

    Verify the person is not the same, by using the birth date. If it is the same person, continue Select Yes Same person and continue to Step 7, If it is not the same person continue to Step 14.

    Once you select yes, you will be returned to the Family Application Screen

    It will look like this!

    Step 7: Select Yes, Same person

    Step 7: Select Yes, Same person Application Screen

    Step 7: Verify the child that is associated with this app.

    If the associated child was enrolled during the 09-10 school year DO NOT CHANGE anything. You may update ONLY address, phone number, contact release.

    If the associated child was enrolled prior to that year you may make any and all changes.

    Step 8 Application Screen. If the child is already listed, select them. And continue to Step 9

    If the child is not listed continue to Step 11

    Step 9: With Child Selected, select Enrollment tab

    If child is already in the system, Application Screen

    STEP 10: Add New Participation Record

    This is how it would look when you add another Program Record.

    Once enrollment is complete **Continue to Step 21**

    STEP 11: To add the participants select Record. Add a child.

    STEP 12: Add Child’s last and first name & birthday.


    • STEP 13: Record. Fill in this screen:

    • Child's preferred name.

    • Gender (drop down)

    • Race (drop down)

    • Ethnicity (drop down)

    • Nationality (drop down)

    • Language-Proficiency, Check primary.

    • Once you have added the new child and any other family members

    • Return to Steps 9-10

    Step 14: Record. Complete all information for Primary adult

    Step 15: Add child next

    Step 15: Record. Looks like this

    Must complete: *NEW*

    Medicaid/Insurance, Doctor Home &

    Dentist Home HERE

    Step 16: Record. Complete Family Information

    It will look like this!

    • Step 17: Record. Complete Family Income

    • TANF, SSI, WIC

    • Verification Date (new)

    • Verified By (new)

    • Amount, annual amount, description, verification

    • Note (enter place of work here)






    • Step 18: Record. *NEW*

    • Complete Family Emergency Contacts

    • The address must be a physical address

    • Step 19: Record. Complete Enrollment

    • Program Term

    • Agency

    • Site

    • Funding-HeadStart

    • Application Status

    • Eligibility Date

    • ROLLOVERS-Eligibility Income, Number in Family, Income

    • Income Status

    • Participation Year

    • CACFP-date, income, year, status

    • Eligibility Criteria-make sure it matches your Selection Criteria Sheet

    • Enter Eligibility Note-Later you will copy and paste it into the Family Service-Recruitment contact note.

    Step 20: Record. Input shot record

    Step 21: Save & Close

    *If you did not complete all blanks CP will not let you move forward

    1 continue to





    • STEP 22: Disability Tab

    • Click the disability tab if a child has a suspected or diagnosed disability.

    • Click the box that states an area of concern has been identified.

    • Enter date identified (date of application).

    • Enter status as More information need if the child has a suspected disability. If the child has a diagnosed disability and has the paperwork attached, enter the status as diagnosed.

    • Use the clock and enter the notes about the concerns.

    1. continue to



    STEP 23:

    1. With the child selected Go to Family Services tab

    2. Add an event

    3. On Description – type in Recruitment contact note with the child's name.

    4. Under Event Description, hit the time clock on right, and then type family contact note. Make sure to include all information about family, income and disabilities.


    • Step 24: continue to Go to Family Application tab, select child, then at bottom of screen select Print Applications

    • Step 25:Go to Family Services Tab, and print out recruitment contact note

    • Step 26:Get parent Signature

    • Step 27:FSW signature

    Step 28
    Step 28 continue to

    • Staple Content as follows:

      • Selection Criteria

      • Declaration Form

      • Family Information

      • Family Member Information

      • Enrollment Information

      • Eligibility Verification

      • Recruitment Contact Note

      • Foster Care & Children’s Protective Service Form (if applicable)

      • Birth Certificate

      • Shot Records

      • Medical Insurance

      • Diagnosed Disability Paperwork (if applicable)

      • Income-Write Child’s Name & Site on copy