How to Prevent Foot Gangrene and Avoid Amputation?
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Prevent Foot Gangrene and Avoid Amputation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prevent Foot Gangrene and Avoid Amputation

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How to Prevent Foot Gangrene and Avoid Amputation?

How to Prevent Foot Gangrene and Avoid Amputation?

Diabetic foot gangrene remains a big problem and, quite often, the main cause of

amputation.Gangrene results from the impaired blood supply to the affected

tissues. It comes in two major forms:

•Dry Gangrene, also known asmummification, most commonly associated with

diabetes and atherosclerosis.

•Wet Gangrene, also known asmoist gangrene, which is a form of infected dry


Foot gangrene is most common inolder people, usually as a complication of poorly

controlled diabetes. Due to the nerve damage and loss of sensation, there is a

higher likelihood of foot injuries going unnoticed, which can later lead to an

infection and, then, to gangrene.In difficult to control cases, an amputation may be

the only “treatment” medically available.

Prevent Gangrene and Avoid Foot Amputation

Here are some basic tips on how to prevent gangrene and avoid foot amputation:

For Diabetic Patients

Check your feet regularly and look for such symptoms as numbness, broken

skin, discolouration, swelling or pain.

Avoid walking barefoot and always wear dry and clean cotton socks.

Never use chemical preparations for corns, calluses or ingrown toenails. Contact

a podiatrist for these problems, if any.

Use warm water and glycerine soap to wash your feet. Then make sure they are

dry, especially between the toes.

Always wear comfortable shoes that don’t squeeze or rub your feet.

Other Recommendations:

Avoid smoking – one of the main causes of atherosclerosis limiting the blood

supplythe extremities – your arms and legs.

Avoid eating unhealthy high-fat foods, such as meat pies, hard cheese, sausages,

cakes and biscuits.

Avoid drinking alcohol – one of the main causes of multiple health problems.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle, as the pandemic physical inactivity is now seen as the

21st century smoking.

If you or someone you love, or hold dear, suffers from gangrene and is facing an

amputation, don't give in, don't give up! Contrary to the mainstream medicine,

foot or leg amputation - a debilitating and risky surgery as a part of standard

medical care – can be avoided nutritionally.


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