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全国高校大学英语( B )级考试 —— 翻译 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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全国高校大学英语( B )级考试 —— 翻译. 词义的选择、引申和褒贬. 词类转译法. 重复法. 省略法. 正、反表达法. 被动语态的译法. 名词从句. 定语从句. 状语从句. 长句. 分句、合句法. 增词法. 英译汉常用的方法和技巧. 一、词义的选择. 英汉两种语言都有一词多类、一词多义的现象。 一词多类 就是指一个词往往属于几个词类,具有几个不同的意义。 一词多义 就是说同一个词在同一个词类中,又往往有几个不同的词义。. (一)根据词在句中的 词类 来选择和确定词义

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全国高校大学英语( B )级考试 —— 翻译

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1. Like charges repel; unlike charges attract.

2. He likes mathematics more than physics.

3. Like knows like.

1. To take off her boots or to put them on was an agony to her, but it had been an agony for years.

2. He always sits on the very edge of his chair when he is working, as though about to take off.


A deep well

A deep voice

A deep red

A deep mystery

A deep thinker

Deep outrage

Deep in study


1. That car was really moving.

2. Share prices moved ahead today.

3. The story of their sufferings moved us deeply.

4. Work on the new building is moving quickly.

5. The governments opinions on this matter havent moved.

1. There is a mixture of the tiger and the ape in the character of the imperialists.

2. Every life has its roses and thorns.

The car in front of me stalled and I missed the green.

E.g. He was a man of high renown.

E.g. We were shocked by his coarse manners.

E.g. The two politicians talked for no more than five minutes, at a significant moment in their careers.


1. It is not right for children to sit up late.

2. The plane was right above our heads.

3.In the negative, right and left, and black and white are reversed.

4. She tried her best to right her husband from the charge of robbery.


1. They predicated the youth would have a bright future.


U. Time that will come after the present.

2. They have their smiles and tears.

  • John was an aggressive salesman who did his job quite well.


    adj. (of people or animals) apt or ready to attack; offensive; quarrelsome.


1.I am afraid I cant teach you swimming. I think my little brother is a better teacher than I.

2. Talking with his son, the old man was the forgiver of the young mans past wrong doings.

1. Doctors have said that they are not sure they can save his life.

2. The fact that she was able to send a message was a hint. But I had to be cautious.

confident, certain, careful, cautious, angry, sure, ignorant, afraid, doubtful, aware, concerned, glad, delighted, sorry, shamed, thankful, anxious, grateful, able

1. They did their best to help the sick and the wounded.

2. Robin Hood and his merry men hated the rich and loved and protected the poor.


1. If westerners think they are healthy eaters, they will have to think again.

2. May I introduce you to him, one of your longtime admirers?

3. He was a regular visitor.

4. He has already made mention of the matter in his speech.

5. please do let me in! they are searching for me, he begged.


  • The driver of the bus is responsible for the safety of the passengers.

  • Be responsible for sth./sb.


2. Those reports provide information on your courses and activity planning for the year.

  • D-B-C-A

3. This book is divided into sixteen units that deal with topics of everyday conversation.

  • 16

  • 16

  • 16

  • 16


4.The successful completion of the book is the result of the cooperation and confidence of many people.

  • B-A-D-C

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