Daily sequence of instruction
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Daily Sequence of Instruction. Mr. Burney 6 th Grade Social Studies Fairmont Middle School. Flashbacks Monday 10/15/12. The ruler of Babylonia who codified laws using the guideline of “an eye for an eye” Legendary Sumerian leader described as 2/3 God and 1/3 human

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Daily Sequence of Instruction

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Daily Sequence of Instruction

Mr. Burney

6th Grade Social Studies

Fairmont Middle School

Flashbacks Monday 10/15/12

  • The ruler of Babylonia who codified laws using the guideline of “an eye for an eye”

  • Legendary Sumerian leader described as 2/3 God and 1/3 human

  • “The Great” leader of the Persians who conquered the Babylonians

  • A temple in Mesopotamia dedicated to the gods.

  • A belief in “many gods”


Vocabulary (continued)

Video….Circle Map….12-15 Facts




HomeworkCreate Word Maps using the first 4 words

Flashbacks Tuesday 10/16/12

The Republican Presidential Candidate

The Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

The Democrat Presidential Candidate

The Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate

The Governor of NC

Literature Circles—Ancient Egypt

Visit my school website by :

Go to the Fairmont Middle School Website: http://www.robeson.k12.nc.us/fms

Click on Teacher Websites

Click on Burney, James

Click on the side by for the Literature Circles Page

Follow the instructions listed on the page

HomeworkCreate vocabulary word maps using the next 4 words

Flashbacks 10/17/12

The season of rains and floods in Ancient Egypt

The season of growing in Ancient Egypt

The season of harvesting in Ancient Egypt

A tool used in Ancient Egypt to irrigate crops

The longest river in the world that runs through Egypt and is the source of Egyptian civilization

Vocabulary QuizComplete the quiz and turn in for a grade.

Homework: Create word maps with the next 4 words.

"The Wonders of the Pyramids"Read Pages 69-74 of The Ancient World Content Reader (thin brown book)Copy and Answer QuestionsDiscuss in your groupTurn in one paper, keep the rest of it in your notes.

Flashbacks 10/18/12

The Nile River flows in which direction

Pyramids served as ___________ for the pharaohs

The Governor of NC

A dry area of land with little to no vegetation

People who do not have a permanent home. They wander around, sometimes herding goats.

Video—Constructing the Pyramids

12-15 Facts about the video


the Pyramids

Read and Do…

The Ancient World Content Reader pgs 75-78

“What Was Inside A Pyramid?”

Create a chart that:

Shows the steps of the mummification process

Has pictures for each step.

Flashback 10/19/12

Today’s Flashback are True or False. If you write T or F…it is wrong…You MUST write out the word.

Egyptians buried ordinary people in pyramids.

Barack Obama is the REPUBLICAN candidate for President

Mitt Romney is the REPUBLICAN candidate for Vice President

June Atkinson is the governor of NC.

Gilgamesh was a legendary Sumerian king/warrior.


Create a pyramid and put your mummy inside. Give him/her a great story.

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