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K*lidad en productos y servicios EIRL, constituted in 2008, but with a experience in businesses of more than 20 years. Our equipment this conformed by professionals very prepared, in addition to being dedicated and responsible, very effective and efficient, who by the labor experience we make of our businesses a reached TARGET.

Our experience this cradle in the import, export, distribution, commercialization, representation, commercial intermediation of products in general, as much in Perú as abroad. We also offer the following services: Analysis, Management and Business Development, and Real Estate Consulting.

In this K*lidad en productos y servicios EIRL, it develops to agro-industrial basically Peruvian products for the export and commercialization such as: Olive oil, cheeses and liquors (Piscos and maceration of Damascus),that our country produces. Our mission is to as much develop the agro-industrial product commercialization for the national and international market. And our vision, “To constitute to us in a marketer company that offers to quality and guarantee in its products and the processes of businesses”.

Product: OLIVE OIL.

Type: Extra Virgin.

Contacts: Carlos Pescetto.


Cell:1-9-9093-4511 Movistar 1-9-9314-6442 Claro

1-99-817*6809 Nextel

Address: Jr. Trinidad 277 San Borja -

Lima – Perú


The traits that shape the sensory characteristics of extra virgin oils are fragrant, sweet, fresh fruit, its color, and so on. These reveal the complexity of smell and taste sensations. The family of olive trees, the composition of soil in which they grow, the topography of the land upon which are recorded, the point of maturation of the fruits at the time of its collection, the care with which it has made its collection and milling, including the climatology of each campaign, influencing the level of taste ever-changing parameters.

The differential characteristics of extra virgin olive oil can be defined into three points: appearance (clean, with no signs of dirt or turbidity), color (yellow with shades from golden yellow to gold old) and flavor (mild oil, and very fluid pleasant in the mouth, with flavors reminiscent of the fragrance of olive).

Characteristics of Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil, is an oil produced by physical processes, (milling, beaten, and decanting centrifuge) which does not apply any chemical or heat, allowing get a 100% natural product, free of additives, artificial preservatives and antioxidants.

Storage temperature: 20 ° C Relative Humidity: 70 + 5% Indirectly incidence of Light: Low Incidents of direct sunlight: None

Technical characteristics

Conditions of storage product

Organoleptic characteristics


Ambarino to green.


A fruity olive fresh.


A distinctive fruity olive fresh, balanced and free from defects.

Appearance general: Characteristic, clear, transparent, with fluency and density.

Chemical Physical Characteristics

Chemical Physical Characteristics

Reduce the level of cholesterol.

It stimulates the secretion of bile, and is best absorbed by the intestine.

It provides an effective protection against ulcers and gastritis.

Reduces the risk of heart attack.

Benefits our bone growth and allows an excellent mineralization of bone.

Reduce the chances of arterial thrombosis.

It is most desirable to prevent the deterioration of age effects on brain functions and particularly the aging of tissues and organs in general.

Reduces gastric acidity.

Regula-intestinal transit.


Scientific research confirms that the extra virgin olive oil has the following properties:

Volumes monthly output up to 100,000 liters.


A bulk packaging and offer maquila.


Cylinders or flexitank.

Sales minimum:

Cylinders 16,800 litros Flexitank 21,500 litros


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