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Defending the indefensible
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Defending the Indefensible:. Sam Matthews. A Study to Measure the Success of Israel’s H asbara During Operation Cast Lead. Background & History. Public Relations & Public Diplomacy. Robert Entman: ‘Cascade Model’ Herman & Chomsky: ‘Propaganda Model’ Nick Davies: ‘Rules of production’

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Defending the Indefensible:

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Defending the indefensible

Defending the Indefensible:

Sam Matthews

A Study to Measure the Success of

Israel’s Hasbara During Operation Cast Lead

Background history

Background & History

Public relations public diplomacy

Public Relations & Public Diplomacy

  • Robert Entman: ‘Cascade Model’

  • Herman & Chomsky: ‘Propaganda Model’

  • Nick Davies: ‘Rules of production’

  • Walter Lippman: Public Opinion

  • Shaw & McCombs: ‘Agenda-setting’

Rationale significance

Rationale & Significance

‘The Knowledge Deficit’

Norman Finkelstein




Glasgow University Media Group

Operation cast lead

Operation Cast Lead

“Taking into account the ability to plan, the means to execute plans with the mostdeveloped technology available, and statements by the Israeli military that almost noerrors occurred, the Mission finds that the incidents and patterns of events consideredin the report are the result of deliberate planning and policy decisions.”

Report of the UN Fact-Finding Mission to Gaza

Media and hasbara during the operation cast lead

Media and Hasbara during the Operation Cast Lead

  • National Information Directorate

  • Lebanon 2006

  • Media blackout

  • End of the ceasefire

  • Hasbara 2.0



  • Hasbara sources


  • Legal/factual framework




UN Mission

International Law

HR Organisations

A reasons and objectives of operation cast lead

A. Reasons and objectives of Operation Cast Lead

B details of the ceasefire

B. Details of the ceasefire

C problematic discourse or terminology

C. Problematic discourse or terminology

D government policy and idf conduct

D. Government policy and IDF conduct

E alleged links to iran

E. Alleged links to Iran

F representation framing of hamas

F. Representation & framing of Hamas

G omission distortion of law fact or detail

G. Omission & distortion of law, fact or detail





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