Corporate and securities research
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Corporate and Securities Research. William A. Schwesig [email protected] Margaret A. Schilt [email protected] What if you don’t have anything in mind and need a topic?. Try the News databases in LexisNexis and Westlaw

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Corporate and securities research

Corporate and Securities Research

William A. Schwesig [email protected]

Margaret A. Schilt [email protected]

D'Angelo Law Library

What if you don t have anything in mind and need a topic
What if you don’t have anything in mind and need a topic?

  • Try the News databases in LexisNexis and Westlaw

  • Try the BNA topical newsletters: see the Law Library webpage under Law Databases

  • Read the D’Angelo Law Library Corporate and Securities Research page, on the Law Library website under Research Guides

D'Angelo Law Library

Example finding a topic
Example: Finding a topic

  • BNA databases

D'Angelo Law Library

Starting points
Starting Points

  • As with all legal research, where you start depends on what information you have and what you are trying to find out. Possibilities:

    A person

    A company

    A transaction

    An industry

    Issuance of a security

D'Angelo Law Library

Starting with a company
Starting with a Company


Stock ownership

Recent stock





Products and services

Recent mergers or acquisitions

Stock performance


D'Angelo Law Library

Find out more about i2 technologies inc
Find out more abouti2 Technologies, Inc.

  • LexisNexis News and Business >Company & Financial > Company Profiles & Directories > U.S. Company Reports

D'Angelo Law Library

Starting with a person
Starting with a Person





current and past


Officer positions?




Stock holdings

D'Angelo Law Library

Find out more about sanjiv sidhu
Find out more about Sanjiv Sidhu

  • LexisNexis News and Business > Company & Financial > Company Directors & Executives

D'Angelo Law Library

Find out more about john p mcpadden sr
Find out more about John P. McPadden, Sr.

  • Sometimes Google is helpful.

  • If not, try Martindale Hubbell (possible that nominal plaintiff is a lawyer…)

  • Try searching the business press using Ebsco Business Source Complete and Factiva.

D'Angelo Law Library

Starting with a transaction
Starting with a Transaction



Sale of assets?


Issuance of stock?






D'Angelo Law Library

I2 Technologies approved a management buyout of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Trade Services Corporation (TSC)

  • LexisNexis News and Business > Company & Financial > Mergers & Acquisitions > Mergerstat M&A Database

D'Angelo Law Library

Financial filings lexisnexis and westlaw
Financial Filings: wholly-owned subsidiary, Trade Services Corporation (TSC)LexisNexis and Westlaw

  • LexisNexis > News & Business > Company & Financial > Financial Filings > U.S. Financial Filings

    • Note the database structure: can search individual filings across companies

  • Westlaw > All Databases > Business & News > Company & Industry Reports, Analysis > Edgar-SEC Filings

    • Template permits searching by company name and form number (try i2 Technologies and 8-K and then search in results for TSC)

D'Angelo Law Library

Finding industry information
Finding industry information wholly-owned subsidiary, Trade Services Corporation (TSC)

  • Use SIC/NAICS codes to find companies with similar businesses

D'Angelo Law Library

Finding information about the issuance of a particular security using cusip numbers
Finding information about the issuance of a particular security: using CUSIP numbers

Type of security – debt or equity


Who was hurt

Who benefited

Players: management, Board, accountants, lawyers

Condition of company

before and after


D'Angelo Law Library

Resources to use
Resources to Use security: using CUSIP numbers

  • LexisNexis business resources

  • SEC filings (See Terms Sheet for definitions and Bill Schwesig’s demo for examples)

  • Company websites (esp. for transaction docs)

  • Corporate governance websites; current awareness databases

  • Print treatises

  • Commercial business research resources, e.g. Thomson Research, Factiva(see Bill Schwesig’s demo below)

D'Angelo Law Library

Human resources at the reference desk
Human Resources security: using CUSIP numbersAt the Reference Desk:

  • Sheri Lewis

  • Bill Schwesig

  • Lyonette Louis-Jacques

  • Margaret Schilt

  • Todd Ito

D'Angelo Law Library

Corporation and securities research

Corporation and Securities Research security: using CUSIP numbers

Bill Schwesig

Spring 2009

D'Angelo Law Library

Research guides
Research Guides security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Corporate and Securities Researchon DLL web page, under Research Guides

  • Business and Economics

D'Angelo Law Library

Business news
Business News security: using CUSIP numbers

  • EBSCO Business Source Complete– full text with images, charts, PDF

  • ABI Inform – business journals and trades

  • LexisNexis

  • Westlaw

  • Factiva – full text searching, news pages

  • Wall Street Journal on ProQuest

  • Bloomberg terminal

D'Angelo Law Library

Corporate governance plans
Corporate Governance Plans security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Investor Relations section ofCompany web site

  • Specific issues, in EDGAR filings

  • Bylaws (Form S-1, Exhibit 3)

  • Proxy materials (Schedule 14A)

  • Management discussion (Form 10-K)

D'Angelo Law Library

Edgar filings

10-K security: using CUSIP numbersAnnual Report

10-Q Quarterly Report

8-K Current Report(Bad News)

Proxy materials

Bylaws and articles

Registration Statements

Insider Trading

Sale of Restricted Shares

Williams Act (Tender Offers)

Material Contracts

EDGAR Filings

D'Angelo Law Library

Annual reports 10 k
Annual Reports (10-K) security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Description of the Company’s Business

  • Management Discussion

  • Financials – Income, Revenues, Debt, Cash Flow

  • Outstanding Shares, Institutional Ownership

  • Officers and Directors, Compensation

  • Material Contracts, Stock Option Plans

D'Angelo Law Library

Executive compensation
Executive Compensation security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Salaries: Form 10-K

  • Executive employment contracts:Exhibit 10, Material Contracts

  • Total cash value of nonsalary compensation: Proxy materials (Schedule 14A)

D'Angelo Law Library

Sources of edgar filings
Sources of EDGAR Filings security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Mergent Online

  • Thomson One Banker

  • LexisNexis

  • Westlaw

D'Angelo Law Library

SEC security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Free at

  • 1993 to present

  • Look up companies by name, ticker, SIC code or by Central Index Key (CIK)

  • Documents and exhibits are separate hyperlinked documents

D'Angelo Law Library

LexisNexis security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Search all filings and exhibits, or select the forms you are interested in

  • Filings and exhibits are separate documents

  • Edgar Online searches all filings and exhibits

  • Disclosure – financial reports compiled from data in EDGAR filings

D'Angelo Law Library

Westlaw security: using CUSIP numbers

  • EDGAR – good for full-text searching

    Many Westlaw business databases not available on our Law School subscription plan are available on Westlaw Business, LexisNexis, or Thomson One Banker

D'Angelo Law Library

Peer group analysis
Peer Group Analysis security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Mergent Online (link to guide)

  • Thomson One Banker

  • Factiva

D'Angelo Law Library

Peer comparison reports thomson one banker
Peer Comparison Reports: security: using CUSIP numbersThomson One Banker

  • Select “Comparables”

  • Options include:

  • Overviews

  • Performance

  • Financials

  • Earnings

    No custom reports

D'Angelo Law Library

Comparison reports factiva
Comparison Reports: Factiva security: using CUSIP numbers

  • Companies/Markets tab

  • Select: Company

  • Search by name or ticker in Get Company Snapshot

  • Select Reports (lower left)

  • Select Ratio Comparison Report

D'Angelo Law Library