Aftermarket catalytic converters
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AFTERMARKET CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. August 23, 2012. Other Topics Considered. Performance Parts. Diesel Programmers/Tuners. Alternative Fuels/Plug-In Hybrids. Reasons for Choosing the topic:. Catalytic converter – main emission control component in your vehicle

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Other topics considered
Other Topics Considered

Performance Parts

Diesel Programmers/Tuners

Alternative Fuels/Plug-In Hybrids

Reasons for choosing the topic
Reasons for Choosing the topic:

  • Catalytic converter – main emission control component in your vehicle

  • Helpful if you need to buy a catalytic converter for an old vehicle

  • Aftermarket catalytic converter – a well-designed program that works!

What is a catalyst
What is a Catalyst?

cat-a-lyst (ˈkat-əl-əst)

n. Chem. A substance usually present in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and esp. increases the rate of chemical reaction without being consumed in the process.

Source: Merriam-Webster dictionary

Automotive catalytic converter
Automotive Catalytic Converter

  • Located in exhaust stream

  • Its substrate is coated with precious metals that act as a catalyst to convert pollutants to H20, CO2, N2, and O2

Aftermarket catalytic converters background
Aftermarket Catalytic Converters(Background)

  • Lower in cost than OEM replacement

  • Must be evaluated and approved by ARB before sale in CA (obtain Executive Order)

  • Required to meet new evaluation procedures and requirements starting 01/01/2009

Aftermarket catalytic converters requirements to obtain eo
Aftermarket Catalytic Converters(Requirements to Obtain EO)

  • Performance criteria

    • Meet useful life emission standards

    • Durable for 5 years/50,000 miles

    • OBD II compatible

    • Non-OBD II vehicles to use OBD II converters

  • Warranty – 5 years/50,000 miles

  • Labeling

  • Vehicle application catalog

  • Quality control procedures

  • Installation requirements

Aftermarket catalytic converters requirements to ensure compliance
Aftermarket Catalytic Converters(Requirements to Ensure Compliance)

  • Confirmatory testing

  • Proper vehicle installation: Smog Check

  • Reporting: Quality Control, Warranty

  • ARB may inspect manufacturer/installer facilities

  • Audit testing

  • Enforcement

Arb activities related to a m catalytic converters
ARB Activities Related to A/M Catalytic Converters

  • Issued 185 EOs – for vehicles with ULEV I and less stringent standards

  • Set-up database of available catalytic converters (DDSS-designed and supported)

  • ARB Public Information Helpline staff handles calls (125 to150 per week)

  • Pre-screening test to identify cat converters for audit testing

Catalytic converter database
Catalytic Converter Database

A/M CAT Program

A. Lyons

M. McCarthy

A. Wang

A/M CAT Program


A/M CAT Program

  • Cat Mfrs.:

  • Airtek

  • CarSound

  • Eastern

  • IMCO

  • Valina

  • Walker

  • Equipo

  • DDSS

Aging Lab

Testing Lab

OBD II Staff


A/M CAT Program



ARB Testing


A/M CAT Program

Vehicle Owner

Muffler Shop

Smog Technician


ARB Helpline

Cat Mfrs.



A/M CAT Program

♫ Dem “Cats!”

♫ Dem “Cats!”

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Aftermarket parts section staff
Aftermarket Parts Section Staff

  • Jose Arguelles

  • Richard Carranza

  • Jae Do

  • Sidd Futaba

  • Dean Hermano

  • Dan Kim

  • Rich Muradliyan

  • Curt Schreiber